Why you should use default free WordPress templates 2019

Why you should use default free WordPress templates 2019 | There are many reasons why you should use default WordPress theme templates on your website.

There are tons of themes available in the worlds most popular content management system CMS, but it was not good to use the themes which is provided by the third parties on the gallery.

Lets start with a real time incident, initially we used a WordPress theme created by third party which provides good navigation, graphics, sliders etc,. everything went fine soon after a update from the CMS WordPress everything went upside down the website was not worked ans how ugly errors on client side which i was realized later.

Which brought SEO affects also shows that error on search results too. Also cannot able to solve it by login in the wp-admin panel due to the limitations on the cms the login panel will also work. so what next you have login through your cpanel and delete the theme in the wp-content > Theme folder in the WordPress installation directory.

After you delete the third party theme when you load the wp the default theme you have will be selected. Always don’t delete your default themes because if any errors in plugins or themes these default content will help always. Then what this was a main reason to keep default wordpress theme for website any modification can be done with that.

So consider it before choosing other third party theme if you have chosen the theme on premium with support it is ok, cause any update in the core of the WordPress will be solved by the theme developing professionals.

wp now updated to 5.1 version and it even removed more default terms that was available on the first version, so what about your theme it may also cause error if any core updates default modules will change as a result your site will get affected too, cause these themes are usually based on default modules.

wordpress theme
wordpress theme

Many default themes nicely developed by the core developers now the current theme provided by the team is Twenty nineteen. Also some plugins usually developed on the basis of these twenty theme series, so no effect on plugins too if any upgrade was done.

And don’t update the default theme if you have made any modifications in the main theme always keep track on modification and keep them log track. Read the reviews regarding the update and wait for any one to tell whether any one having any errors while using the update.

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