Why Your WordPress Website need AMP For Better SEO Ranking 2019

Why Your WordPress Website need AMP For Better SEO Ranking 2019 | After the AMP Roll out in years back some website developers find nothing interesting on the beginning stage but later it was changed.

AMP has changed dynamically it has many advantages nowadays in 2019, Accelerated mobile pages after google finds mobile web pages is the future of the internet it asked the website developers and owners to upgrade your web pages to AMP.

After many survey the search engine giant google found that mobile visitors wants faster load than PC, They want website to be loaded in fraction of seconds at least with in 5 seconds. Google not gave good ranking for those websites with AMP but later after the users found the version loaded faster then normal websites its ranking was boosted.

The thunder symbol made the difference which has cache of google and slow load images which result the web page to be loaded in few seconds itself. Your  server is saved with google’s cache, cause your server may crash with tons of image loaded by tons of visitors which is saved by AMP caches which is hosted by fastest google servers.

amp seo
amp seo

Ads in AMP also changed ! In initial stage advertisement ( AdSense ) loaded very slow on those accelerated pages that was also a reason for some website owners to ignore AMP but later it was changed nowadays the ads loading faster than ever.

In fact in the auto ads your mobile web page is automatically optimized while pasted the code based on visitors views and Google’s AI, it will automatically choose best places and place ad placement you don’t need to worry about ad blindness.

If you are using WordPress CMS on your website which is a great advantage just with some plugins your website will converted to AMP version, Just add logo and ad codes your job is finished after that you can check for any errors in pages through webmaster console which is also recently updated.

But keep in mind changing AMP won’t boost your SEO rankings directly but if your web page loaded faster and high CTR with thunder symbol and of course with quality content it will be pushed to next level. You may also like to read Error in AMP WordPress article.

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