Best time to update WordPress & its plugins 2019

Best time to update wordpress & its plugins 2019 | you may think this is very simple just by clicking update if will updated your wordpress website which is false you have you have to know the problems which may arise while updating your wordpress websites and its plugins.

First of all you need to take backup regullarly many hosting companies providing managed dedciated servers which will be taken backup periodically based on the settings and pricing, in that case you can update on night even it was crashed your backup will help to reload your website.

If you are not aware about backup and you have taken a normal plan then you have to worry about your site, you have to first take a back up and based on the traffic analysis you can update your site because during night time maximum of websites will get less traffic. But consider your analytics before best time to update.

plugin update @create-memedotcom
plugin update @create-memedotcom

Because in high traffic time your website use more ram which may delay your updates too. In wordpress CMS all plugins are not made of the wordpress developers most of the good plugins are made up of third parties so if your wordpress got an major update then that plugins also need to be updated this is because some little code error may bring white screen on your browsers.

So check for all updates and read them carefully in the plugins side, check for the plugins whether it is complaitable with the current version read reviews from the users side too. Because in some themes and plugins error may bring trouble too. Additionally if you have errors on plugins just log in through Cpanel and delete the problamatic plugins in wp-content folder which will solve your trouble.

More you install wordpress plugins more you will land in trouble which will eat your ram and time much.

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