Plugins update WordPress makes permanent maintenance mode

Plugins update WordPress makes permanent maintenance mode | Did you know plugins and theme update in your wordpress cms can give you a permanent maintenance mode activated if you have not give attention, here we are gonna cover when to update the plugins and how to deactivate the maintenance mode if you have corrupted your website with high ram loads.

Maintenance mode not gives access to your wordpress website for a while you have updating the plugins. Some times your server may give 503 error due to high usage of ram in your server this will usually happens on the sites on shared server and vps server.

The ram usage are in high percentage while your website server is accessed by the visitors and if it was wordpress site then the usage of ram is more than normal sites this is because of plugins and third party scripts access. While updating your plugins if the server was in high usage mode then you may get the 503 error code and boom.

Your site is no longer accessible from the /wp-admin/ side cause it will show maintain mode is in active come back after some minutes. If you have not got the 503 or other connectivity errors then the maintenance mode will be deactivated for itself.

If you have got errors you have to disable the mode manually or your site will not show the contents page. For that you should have access the website server either through FTP or cpanel.

Then enter the wordpress installation directory cause some people may choose the different directory for the blogs now find the file named as .maintenance in the root directory. due to dot present in the file directory it indicates the hidden mode of the file for that you should login through admin panel of cpanel which allows you to access the hidden folders too.

wordpress maintanance mode
wordpress maintanance mode

Just delete that file then your site will be accessible in the front end and it is advisable to update the plugins on mid night or the time your site have less visitors. Check your analytics to get the information about less traffic time in your site.

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