AMP WordPress CMS Error on Godaddy Hosting 2019

AMP WordPress Error on Godaddy Hosting 2019 | After a clean WordPress installation we found some error on AMP validation which is for many people who are using wordpress and godaddy world wide lets solve it.

Before we start lets get little brief explanation about AMP, Godaddy and error because if your article is less than 300 then Search giant google won’t like it so lets elaborate them before start.

AMP, The popular word for websites nowadays with fast loading capability, even though after 2018 many people thinking that the AMP pages is a great boost to SEO and it will bring you site to top 1% which is false.

AMP pages are an added advantage still content is king for google and other popular search engines even we find our pages ranking well even with out amp which is ahead of other Big domains with accelerated mobile pages, Yes google employers in their official twitter account confirmed that amp pages won’t give you advantage on SEO but will appear with thunder logo and little thumbnail effect which may give you high CTR ( Click through Rate).

On the Other hand godaddy which is a popular hosting and domain name provider which holding millions of customers world wide, Using good hosting provider is a advantage as usual well coming to the point after moving to godaddy we installed WordPress using Cpanel followed by a wonderful AMP plugin which will automatically convert your web pages to accelerated which is good advantage for lazy web developers.

But after checking with google whether our website’s AMP is working well or not we found errors on the result page. Some what like this “” not a valid script after couple of hours in back end we found that the code is from the godaddy side.

To turn off this you have to go to admin panel in godaddy hosting click the three dots and select help option then click on opt from help and you will be free from this so simple thanks us later.

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