Why You should not update to latest WordPress 5.0 2019

Why You should not update to latest WordPress 5.0 2019 | OMG ! we are not against the WordPress brand new update 5.0 to have a catchy title and some information you should know before updating the latest version of this popular CMS (content management system).

Its all started in December 6 which is the official release date of this brand new update of the WordPress, After many days of rumour and news regarding these update finally it was released yesterday.

If you have installed WordPress on you website check now in the admin panel you may see the link for update now to 5.0 version of this CMS. Whats new in these version ? We are not going to dive inside entire update just making the highlight and i am sure you have major twist at the end.

New block editor for 5.0, Editor window of the WordPress has been changed with this new bock editor which gives you distraction free writing. It is more flexible to how content is displayed to viewers. Just drag and drop the multimedia and other website content such as links, frames etc,. cause these will automatically embed those items. Plus more blocks available as paragraph images, videos etc,.


And here comes the new theme with the update twenty nineteen, for the default WordPress theme lovers this update is for you next generation is available in this 5.0 update. many WordPress users including us loves these default themes for trouble free websites.

And the classic class editor plugin for the users who are not interested and like to stick with old version these is for you, But you should changed before 2021 because after that you will not see this old editor. Currently this plugins available which helps you to stick with old meta box and functionally.

And rest of the update is for developers who need to change their plugins or theme or site based on the new needs and security. You should not update too soon because it may affect the plugins functionality if you have more of  them which needs an update after all you plugins showed update then try updating this version for trouble free experience.

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