Vijay Thalapathy 63 First Look HD Photos Download 2019

Ilayathalapathy’s upcoming movie Vijay 63¬†First Look HD Photos Free Download + News about Sarkar, Bairavaa, Theri, mersal And More Thalapathy Images Slideshow 2019, 2018.

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Next Movie Of actor Vijay – #Thalapathy63 Project.

Latest Vijay HD 2019 Photos:

Get all the random HD images of thalapathy vijay that is trend on internet in past years, To view particular movie image of ilayathalpathy please select the movie name in index.

100 days of sarkar second official poster

100 days of sarkar mass poster

100 days of sarkar oru viral common dp

100 days of sarkar hands cover photo

100 days of sarkar mass common dp

mass unseen sarkar vijay stills
mass unseen sarkar vijay stills

fan made red car of thalapathy vijay
fan made red car of thalapathy vijay

dp actor vijay twitter and fb
dp actor vijay twitter and fb

actor vijay with fans 2019
actor vijay with fans 2019

all social message from actor vijay
all social message from actor vijay

vijay with muslim friends
vijay with muslim friends

vijay sarkar stage scene
vijay sarkar stage scene

vijay and keerthi suresh mass romance
vijay and keerthi suresh mass romance

climax vijay fight in sarkar
climax vijay fight in sarkar

all sarkar movie scenes of vijay
all sarkar movie scenes of vijay

vijay and his friend suriya agaram
vijay and his friend suriya agaram

vintage vijay pokkiri 2008
vintage vijay pokkiri 2008

ignore negativity vijay speech
ignore negativity vijay speech

old atm vijay dance
old atm vijay dance

vijay fans feelings
vijay fans feelings 

sarkar vijay fight scene 2019
sarkar vijay fight scene 2019

mersal vijay mask
mersal vijay mask 

sarkar vijay 2019 memes
sarkar vijay 2019 memes 

sarkar vijay stylish i am waiting
sarkar vijay stylish i am waiting

vijay mass thuppaki brown shirt
vijay mass thuppaki brown shirt

Thalapathy 63 First Look HD photos Download :

Finally official words from the producer of thalapathy 63 AGS – ” Shooting starts Jan 20″ on their official twitter account they have confirmed it, More rumors regarding the story of the movie.

thalapathy vijay 63 shooting spot song

thalapathy vijay 63 shooting spot fans selfie

thalapathy vijay 63 shooting spot news paper

thalapathy vijay 63 shooting spot 2

thalapathy vijay 63 shooting spot fan made first look

thalapathy 63 shooting spot with flowers

thalapathy 63 shooting spot second look poster

thalapathy 63 shooting spot marriage function

thalapathy 63 shooting spot id card

thalapathy 63 shooting spot newspaper

vijay 63 first look with villain anand raj

vijay 63 first look fan selfie

vijay 63 first look unseen sac shooting spot

vijay 63 first look saying hi to fans

Opening song shoot of thalapathy 63 finished more songs and scenes shoot to began soon, more fans are taking selfie with vijay.

vijay 63 first look blue shirt marriage function

Shooting of thalapathy 63 happening in full fledged as said earlier vijay wants no political related events in this movie, Music director AR Rahman on his latest interview said he had tried something different hollywood level music first time in Tamil cinema.

positive thalapathy 63 memes about fans

thalapthy 63 fans love bike sticker

vijay 63 thalapathy football scene1 first look box office

vijay 63 thalapathy football scene1 first look

vijay 63 thalapathy football scene1

thalapathy 63 64 shooting spot wave

thalapathy 63 vijay wave

vijay 63 shooting spot fans gathered 4

vijay 63 shooting spot fans gathered 2

vijay 63 shooting spot fans gathered

Fans are gathered much in shooting spot of thalapathy 63 however the actor who is down to earth made the car to run at slow speed by ordering the driver and gave a wave to his thousands of fans, More shooting spot leaked photos to be updated soon.

shooting spot thalapathy 63 first look hd 5

shooting spot thalapathy 63 first look hd 4

shooting spot thalapathy 63 first look hd 3

shooting spot thalapathy 63 first look hd 2

shooting spot thalapathy 63 first look hd 1

Thalapathy enters shooting spot of 63rd movie in his own style thousands of fans gathered to meet vijay and he participated in pooja, actor vivek and yogi babu playing comedy role in the movie. Makers planned to release the first look on vijay birthday June 22.

thalapathy 63 shooting kick starts 2019 first look

thalapathy 63 shooting kick starts 2019 release

thalapathy 63 shooting kick starts 2019 diwali

thalapathy 63 shooting kick starts 2019 pooja

thalapathy 63 shooting kick starts 2019

Shooting of thalapathy 63 kick starts today with a trending hashtag on twitter celebration starts with the cracker from producer side.

official kathir information in thalapathy vijay 63
Finally got an update from the movie thalapathy 63 from the director atlee, pariyerum perumal fame kathir joins the team from today and started trending in twitter bypassing petta and viswasam tweets.

fan made logo first look thalapathy 63

thalapathy 63 costume mass

fan made logo thalapathy 63

Vijay plays as a retired coach in the movie, 16 actress signed movies budget is nearly 100 crores and flashback scenes will have football player role.

After the grand success of sarkar the thalapathy fans are eagerly waiting for the next movie which is temporarily titled as Thalapathy 63, close sources still believe the director of the movie is atlee, lets wait for the official confirmation first look HD photos of thalapathy 63 will be updated soon with the official movie name.

A surprise meet with press people of Tamil nadu, Actor vijay organized a thanks giving meeting to the popular press people in TN. Individually he had taken many photos with those peoples and gifted some gold for them. And the fans started the twitter hashtag trend with #ThalapathyThanksGivingMeet Images added.

Shooting of football sports based movie thalapathy 63 started in between the gap of shooting spot vijay attended a marriage in Chennai, all his fans took selfie with this down to earth person. Football sports geared vijay photos updated more leaked yet to come.

Actor vijay wants no issue or political with new 63 rd movie and ask the director atlee to not to create such controversy  scenes in the movie.

  • Many nayanthara haters don’t want her to act with thalapathy vijay in 63rd #vijay63 movie but wait she is lady superstar of kollywood the expectation of the movie so damn high after the announcement, Additionally second actress will be selected soon by the director atlee.
  • It is official that lady superstar¬†Nayanthara¬†is playing female lead in the movie thalapathy 63, Popular movie reviewer sreedhar pillai confirmed that in his twitter account.

Motion Poster and Teaser Trailer updates of thalapathy 63:

After shooting of 63rd movie started which is sports based one fans are expecting title of the movie based on sports, Not sure whether it is football based but the team planned to release the motion poster with title very soon stay tuned for more updates.

  • As the director of Thalapathy 63 has hinted the word “Expect the unexpected” for the movie and also the film is not a political based one it is a sports based which is produced by AGS, More updates yet to come movie gearing for Diwali release 2019.
  • The box office war between Four biggies¬†Viswasam,¬†Petta,¬†sarkar¬†and¬†Endhiran 2.0¬†yet to start. Among them Sarkar is only movie released all other three movies are highly focused by kollywood circle to determine whether superstar is still box office king or thala and thalapathy.
  • Many rumours says the movie name of upcoming thalapathy 63 is Aalaporan Tamizhan, lets wait for official confirmation some news is expected from the team today.

  • Shooting of thalapathy 63 rd movie to kick start on janauvary 2019, Formal pooja has been take place with technical members and vijay to join the team on late December or January.
  • Official thalapathy 63 movie press release statement which is directed by atlee is expected to release today, After the huge 62nd movie sarkar success vijay is again joining hands with atlee for the third time after theri and mersal. Title of thalapathy 63 with first look HD may release today.
  • Sarkar team celebrates the grand success of the movie with a simple cake cut celebration. Mixi, grinder in the cake was highlight sources says the movie has grossed more than 200 crores. Lets wait for official confirmation more news regarding thalapathy 63 will be updated soon.

nayanthara and vijay in thalapathy 63 romance action
nayanthara and vijay in thalapathy 63 romance action

salt and pepper thalapathy 63
salt and pepper thalapathy 63 

tamil nadu football team thalapathy 63
tamil nadu football team thalapathy 63

vijay in sports get up #thalapathy 63
vijay in sports get up #thalapathy 63

director atlee in thalapathy 63 shooting spot
director atlee in thalapathy 63 shooting spot

jithu jilladi vijay thalapathy 63 fan made
jithu jilladi vijay thalapathy 63 fan made

nayanthara hot dance in thalapathy 63
nayanthara hot dance in thalapathy 63

  • As Ruling Tamil nadu party AIADMK protest against sarkar’s controversy scenes, the mention scenes has been removed from the movies.
  • Sarkar entered 100 crore club tamil movies list in just two days which is next to kaala and kabali superstar’s movies, However we have to wait for official confirmation check mass poster of¬†100 crore club.
  • Movie sarkar is getting mixed reviews among the popular reviewers but however it didn’t affect the¬†box office¬†collection of the movie thanks to vijay’s star power. Movie actually creating record in this year released Tamil films but wait for 2.0 which is releasing this November.

nayanthara in thalapathy 63 shooting spot
nayanthara in thalapathy 63 shooting spot

26 years of vijay Thalapathy 63 mass poster
26 years of vijay Thalapathy 63 mass poster

thalapathy 63 official actress on board nayanthara
thalapathy 63 official actress on board nayanthara

thalapathy 63 vijay in sports getup
thalapathy 63 vijay in sports getup

shooting spot still thalapathy 63
shooting spot still thalapathy 63

‚ÄéRashmika Mandanna vijay in thalapathy 63
‚ÄéRashmika Mandanna vijay in thalapathy 63

diwali 2019 thalapathy 63 official cast and crew first look
diwali 2019 thalapathy 63 official cast and crew first look

Sarkar HD Photos Download:

Vijay news live update:

    • Thalapathy’s recent blockbuster sarkar reached 100 days milestone, the movie even though premiered in the televisions still running in some theaters the fans of vijay planned to celebrate them in huge way.


  • Finally sarkar movie released on this very diwali 2018, Fans celebrating this movie, check out those mass celebration by thalapathy fans.
  • Director AR Murugadoss slashes back director and writer head¬†K Bakkiyaraj¬†for the sarkar story theft issue, He added ARM Is ready to meet them in court which announces the result of sarkar case in October 30. On the other hand release works are happening in full ledge by the producers.
  • Director AR Murugadoss cleared the rumours regarding the sarkar story, He added the short story of the film looks similar but many portions are left in the film which is unique and it cannot be revealed before release of the movie.
  • Popular movie tickets portals opens advance booking for the movie sarkar, Many popular distributors quoted for the movie as said before movie is U/A censored and ready to go for Thalapathy diwali 2018.
  • Get ready for sarkar diwali the movie officialy cleared from the censor board of¬†Tamil nadu¬†with U/A certificate, After some confusion in the past news the movie is releasing on November 6, 2018.
  • Some rumours spreading regarding the release date of sarkar as the movie is going to release on pre-diwali which is Nov 2, 2018 targeting pre-diwali and post diwali holiday plus a friday release, But releasing on that day is some what complicated for the college students and other workers due to non holiday which may affect the¬†box office. lets wait for official confirmation from the producers sun pictures.
  • Teaser of sarkar almost broke all the previous Tamil and some other language movies too, some side of youtube server crashed during release time. This is the fastest teaser to cross 20 Million views and most likes teaser too.
  • Wow, Sarkar teaser finally released – Check out official¬†youtube link, Teaser hints the story vijay a corporate criminal visits india to cast his vote and his vote was stolen which resulted him to stay in india and help Tamil nadu people to find their perfect leader. More teaser HD Photos updated.
  • Sarkar teaser is not leaked don’t spread fake news, The released scene is fan made teaser sun pictures official youtube channel will release the teaser on October 19. Before that¬†sun nxt app¬†will show the teaser.
  • Before the grand teaser launch on October 19, Sarkar’s more photos released by the producers sun pictures. Photos including song shoots and¬†USA¬†portion of actor vijay included.
  • More news regarding official sarkar release date, chennai theatrical rights of the movie was sold to abriami ramanathan for record price next to kabali and kaala.
  • After mass oru viral puratchi song the live audio event of sarkar is happening on october 2, 2018. Event will shown live on sun tv channels who are the producers and distributors of the movie.
  • Sarkar oru viral puratchi song released in Youtube, Not like old simatagaran song this one¬†is liked by the music lovers and thalapathy fans on first time itself.
  • Simtaangaran sarkar vijay New HD photos added in gallery, Songs getting more postive reviews and trolls too, More songs will be out on october 2.
  • Wow first single of sarkar released just now in Youtube –¬†Simtaangaran¬†check the song which is composed by A r rahman, Song is not so good but wait it is ARR musical will show magic later. All songs will be out on October 2.
  • Great news for sarkar fans first teaser of sarkar going to release soon on youtube, After 2.0 enthiran created new record thalapathy is ready to break the record by releasing the teaser of sarkar this month.
  • It is official sarkar audio launch on October 2, new image released with audio launch confirming date by sun pictures twitter handle.
  • More Las vegas song photo shoot and sarkar shooting spot guest images added in our site more HD photos will be released soon.
  • Song shoot of sarkar is happening in full swing on Newyork, Usa. Team is very happy with the song out put however some leaked images made them disappointed.
  • Promotion of sarkar movie going to kick start soon by the promotional team, In Sri lanka many theaters confirmed release for Diwali 2018.
  • More sarkar photos updated in gallery august 2018, shooting spot of the movie is filled with fans and 99 days more for the film’s release in diwali.
  • Many shooting spot photos of vijay’s sarkar released, crew members finally got permission to post the photos in social networks stay tuned more shooting spot photos will be released in our site.
  • Another sad news for the sarkar team the health ministry of Tamil nadu issued fine for the movie team – vijay and arm 10 Crores for promoting cigarettes in the first look of the movie.
  • Sad News For¬†Sarkar¬†team¬† and thalapathy fans The first look has been deleted from official¬†vijay¬†and¬†sun tv¬†handle due to health department of tamil nadu made a notice to the sarkar team about smoking photo.
  • Viswasam will not clash with NGK and sarkar for Diwali 2018, Viswasam is releasing on pongal 2019 said by the team.
  • After record breaking sarkar first look and second look poster teaser is under construction which will officially released with in one or two months make way for thalapathy diwali 2018.
  • Fans already started fight in twitter for¬†NGK¬†vs¬†Viswasam¬†vs¬†Sarkar¬†if these big actors confirmed release date you can expect more fan fight on social medias.
  • Popular film analyst sreedhar pillai on his twitter account confirmed NGK and Sarkar a political based subject which is planned to release on diwali more photos of Suriya’s NGK going to roll over soon.
  • Second look poster of thalapathy 62 stylish vijay in car hd photo updated.
  • Its official title of vijay 62 / thalapathy 62 is sarkar officially released by sun tv channel.
  • Some leaked images says title of the movie is vera level, however we have to wait another one day for official first look release by sun tv – 24 hours to go motion poster video of thalapathy 62 released.
  • Sun television on its official twitter account confirmed that thalapathy 62 first look to be released on sun tv channel on June 21
  • It is confirmed now first look and title of thalapathy 62 movie will be out on june 22 the makers are busy in photoshoot of the movie now.
  • Only few weeks left for thalapathy’s birthday we can expect more news and first look of thalapathy62 in June 22, 2018. Stay connected with our site this calm environment with the movie will give huge surprise for sure.
  • More chances for thalapathy62 first look and title to be reveled on June 22 also some stills leaked today on twitter.
  • Producers recently confirmed that only 2 days of vijay’s thalapathy 62 shooting only completed during the Tamil industry strike later the we also not made any shoot, this may delay the release of movie in diwali.
  • Just like mersal in 2017 thalapathy fans expecting same blockbuster in 2018, but this time vijay need to clash with his fellow stars ajith and suriya.
  • Vijay fans already started trending birthday hash tag in twitter, more news expected about thalapathy 62 on june 22.

Sarkar news updates:

Director of the movie ARM confirmed first look on April 14 with title also check out recent leaked images of thalapathy 62
New photos of thalapathy 62 released vj spotted in black coat costume in the photo shoot, this may be the images for first look hashtag trending with #vijay62withsunpictures, sun pictures is the producer of the movie.

Check out updated keerthy suresh HD photos in our website the cutest actress who have done two movies with thalapathy and also fan of him in bhairava and sarkar.

Rumors spreading about the title of the movie was kalappai / #kalappai, however no official confirmation yet lets wait for perfect title for this biggie.

Its official now thalapathy 62 / vijay 62 is going to direct by AR Murugadoss under the Sun pictures production house after kaththi, thupakki this mass combo going to release the movie #thalapathy62 on Diwali expecting title soon.

After grand success of mersal vijay has gave party to mersal team, now arr murugadoss project going to kick start soon followed by a rumor regarding mersal part 2.

Its official mersal arasan is coming from September 21, yes the official announcement has been said by the makers today with a small video clip confirming release date of its teaser which is also atlee’s birthday !.

Make memes with thalapathy vijay’s templates¬†best site for creating vijay memes online.

Mersal new updated gallery 16/9/2017  <- Teaser images updated.

Make Meme with mersal templates available here!

More updates regarding sarkar movie going to revealed soon, Keep in touch with for real time thalapathy updates 2019.

As per trust sources teaser of the movie mersal will be out soon, fans are expecting the teaser before because only 36 days left for the teaser release. Need to break vivegam records.

Thalapathy 64 Movie HD photos download:

Big question after atlee 63rd movie who will actor vijay join hands in 64 th movie, will it be murugadoss again or shankar’s mudhalvan 2 which was teased some years back or new director just like thala ajith his fellow competitor lets wait for some 50% shoot days we may get a leaked news about 64th movie soon.

Mersal HD photos Download:

Mersal Audio Launch and teaser:

After grand audio launch of mersal movie teaser going to storm too, yes makers are working on its teaser to break vivegam movie teaser and trailer records however you can expect trailer and teaser on next month.

June 22 Ilayathalapathy Vijay birth’day celebration:

No vijay fan can forget this date, Yes that is thalapathy’s birthday the day which his fans celebrate like a festival both in TN, India and abroad too. Already we can see many cut outs, flex around¬†tamil nadu¬†mentioning about their super star’s b’day, Like every year his fans involve in many social activities, promotions and more.

Age of actor vijay? He is currently 42 years old and after next month he will become 43 but you cannot judge his age by his look, with perfect diet and work out actor still looks young as 20+, 30+ many young actors will ask vijay about his secret of his young look, Many different HD photos regarding his looks in different years will be available our slide show these images are free for download.

Mersal Vijay 61 First Look + Title:

Many news spreading regarding the most awaited vijay’s upcoming movie which is temporarily titled as vijay 61 because of his successful completion of 60 movies ( Includes¬†guest roles¬†/ cameo roles), Usually the first look, songs, teaser of upcoming vijay movies will be released on his birth day if it was close to his birthday to make that as a treat for millions of thalapathi fans.

But no official confirmation till now from the makers of vj 61 under the direction of Atlee the man who gave previous blockbuster movie theri, Atlee who is a die hard fan of vijay may release the official first look photo poster of the movie on his birthday. Additionally title of the movie is not Mundru mugan which is spreading rapidly.

Navigation between next and previous image by pressing the arrow symbol, These HD Photos will be updated periodically if you have many thalapathy photos please mail us that will help us to publish here.

What kind of HD photos you can expect in our website you can watch vijay’s fans celebration photos, HD Wallpapers for mobiles, laptops, Televisions, Mass scenes images, Family, personal leaked, Shooting spot leaked, new movies and more.

Mersal Vijay 61 Release date:

As per early sources the movie has huge cast like ‘jyothika, samantha, kajal, nithya menon’ and more, Some additional cast will be revealed later, so this is a big movie with huge budget so early announced date October 2017 is impossible to release this year,

Next year Jan 2018 is also booked by 2.0 Enthrian so that date is also not possible because it may affect one of the movie very badly, However vijay early released his Sachein movie along with chandramuki which became a disaster flop but appreciated by the fans.

Bairavaa Movie HD photos download 2017:

As usual Vijay’s bairavaa became a industrial hit movie and crossed the prestigious 100 crore mark in style. Even though bairavaa movie got mixed reviews the movie is managed to get good collection among distributors check out ultra HD photos of this movie.

bhairava keerthi

Theri Vijay HD photos download:

Atlee after raja rani joined hands with vijay in theri movie just like dialog in vedhalam ajith’s movie “therikka vidalama” this movie is actually a theri one for thalapathy.

This movie actually rocked at box office – samantha, Amy jackson co-stared with vijay with perfect songs, fight scenes this was a perfect commercial movie for thalapathy after long time.

Movie joined the 100 crore box office club easily and which gained the fan boy atlee to direct another movie with this combo which is Mersal which is also an industrial hit movie thanks to BJP that boosted the promotion of mersal to another level.

Puli HD photos download:

After blockbuster kaththi actor vijay signed this project puli which was a disaster film in ilayathalapathi career, Movie was much hyped in the beginning and became worst trolled Tamil movie ever.

Fight Between demons and humans is story of puli but due to poor narration and screen play movie became worst ever one, Even many vijay fans hated the movie during the release because of kaththi the movie was bought for high budget in distributors side but later after the release actor vijay gave compensation for the loss.

Puli released in October 2015 After couple of date changes in release date.

Vijay Family Stills Download:

Daughter’s – divya saasha
Son’s Name – Sanjay.
Mother Name- Shoba.
Father Name – S A Chandira sekar.
Wife Name – Sandhiya.

vijay family photos sac

vijay family photos sac chandirasekar

vijay family photos divya saasha stylish

vijay family photos divya saasha

vijay family photos with daughter divya saasha

Vijay fans celebrate love his beautiful family members too, His daughter acted in the movie along with thalapathy in the movie theri and his son cast with him in vettaikaran movie. His son directed a movie which got many awards in Australia as per sources check out family stills of ilaya thalapathy.

Age of actor vijay? 44 Years old in 2019 after June he will turn 45.

Vijay Video Songs:

One of the major reasons for vijay movies rock in box office is his movies song which is liked widely even by his haters too, Actor is some much careful in songs and music directors selection. And even if the songs are not well his dance performance and screen presence will push the songs to next level. Lets wait for his 63rd movie’s songs which is composed by ARR.

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