Sad news WhatsApp messengers you cannot forward more than 5

Sad news WhatsApp messengers you cannot forward more than 5 | The popular WhatsApp messengers limits the forwarding option to its clients as 5.

After many rumors this update finally came to live. After the smartphone app bought buy the social network giant for the whooping amount many updates was came to the most wanted app in play store.

Which includes backup, status, privacy encryption and more. Past USA election is one the major reason for many online giants to rewrite the code for their apps. Many social activities suggest that these kind of fake messages are the reasons for many misleads in online.

Many fake news spreaded through this app daily in india many people believe those messages are real with out any proof. so to control this and avoid clash during civil wars inside countries, whats app decided to stop this fake spam forwarders.

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Initially the app launched forwarded label before the messages which was a good move for the users to consider the message was sent privately to us or a forwarded one.

Six months back the app also made 20 is the limit of forwarding the message after considering the reviews from the beta and live users it came to live.

Additionally the dark mode was yet to rolled out which was expected by this app users, dark mode helps to save battery life and less effect on eye many apps including YouTube, FB, messengers was available in dark mode.

But as a surprise before dark mode now the 5 message forward came to live, You can forward only 5 persons at a time so handle this with care even with end to end encryption you are crack-able so with only 5 forwards limits if you forward any fake news you are easily traceable by the government officials for any legal cases.

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