Installing CMS like wordpress on webuzo trial version hosting

Installing CMS like wordpress on webuzo trial version hosting | Webuzo the popular control panel for VPS and Dedicated hosting websites with cpanel, Eventhough it was not a perfect alternative for the cpanel but it can tally it in many ways.

For the website owners who wants cheap VPS and dedicated hosting usually buys only empty hosting without any cpanel or other alternatives which controls the hosting server. This is because usually the control panels are some what costly, And for the dedicated servers with single website or subdomains these control panels needs some pricing.

So buying this hosting with empty control panel and adding some alternative of c panel is the topic regarding today, now when installing one of the best alternative to c panel webuzo allows you to host your websites without any issues but with one condition.
Your website must be in coded like php, html or This allows you to upload files in these formats and view your websites on web browsers.

But Many website nowadays are running in Content management system (CMS) Like drupal, WordPress etc,. These webuzo ask their users to convert to premium for using these CMS, the cost of these premium pricing are cheap but when you want to install the wordpress without premium pricing with some limitations follow the steps.

Just download and install the wordpress on your local host and modify the wordpress based on the needs (Note some plugins need live server to work keep that in mind) After making the end to end changes to your WordPress site just upload them to your webuzo server through direct zip method or filezilla method.

Based on the files it may takes some time to upload your website on live server, the you have to upload database in phpmyadmin and change the required local host from local host to if not worked properly. And this should work if you not using latest updated version after 2018. But we highly recommended to use the premium pricing if you having a WordPress website and support the developers.

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