Why many websites vanishes within some years from search result 2019

Why many websites vanishes within some years from search result 2019 | Did you know maximum of websites vanishes soon as they launched.

According to recent survey the sites without any existing company background will left the search result in 6 months to 2 years of time and the sites which survives beyond that will long last maximum years. Following are some of the scenarios that how the websites are created and how they are leaving from search result for ever.

Just buy domain names:

These are the first kind of people who actually buy only domain name which they think may become popular in the future and some times they will host with only one launch page which contains less text regarding its sale.

Soon after no one approaches the domain name and hosting will gets vanish. Additionally in old cases domain authority will get increased for domain age but later search engines not giving authority for these pages nowadays.


Developers from other companies:

In scenario 2 the websites will be developed by the people who are employee in an organization and in part time they may create blog or other website development oriented sites which may also gets vanish according to survey to to work pressures they may not maintain the site as a result it was also gets kicked out.

Scam and out:

Other kind of websites are who are willing to enter the first spot of search engines on day launch itself, So they will use some black hat SEO techniques as a result they will also kicked out of search result then site will hold only domain sales ad only.

And other kind peoples are trying to earn billions from website and using improper techniques to earn from day one as a result advertising companies will block list the site this will also makes sites to vanish.

These are another reasons why search engines are giving high rankings for old and active websites, They believe old and active websites will not spam the users until they get hacked so only search engines like google may display hacked website label if the bots found something not appropriate with the previous content.

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