After moving website from shared hosting to dedicated or VPS

After moving website from shared hosting to dedicated or VPS | Many things will happen after you moved your website from a shared to dedicated or virtual private server some of the important factors to consider before and after moving.

Shared hosting one of the basic hosting plan available widely in many popular companies. Select shared plan if you are like to like in a apartment, shared is a part of portion which is provided to you from a dedicated server so only we have said that it is like living in a flat house.

When you need a shared hosting? You will need it if you have no idea about your website, New developer who will extend the website after some tons of traffic increase. Your business is not based on website just need a website for some identification. these are the factors for staying in a shared.


Why you need dedicated or VPS hosting?

You can grab a shared one for very low cost provided by popular hosting companies. But you will need a dedicated or VPS if your business is based on website. If your business will get a bad impression while a visitor comes to your website then you need a dedicated one. If your website is based on the popular CMS WordPress then you will need it. No doubt in that for sure because those CMS needs many plugins support your shared server will not support you if you need more RAM.

After moved from shared to dedicated hosting your website will have a good improvement in the SEO for sure. This is because the crawlers gets your website so fast and the website will less load time will get great ranks in search engines. Many Visitors who loved your content will stay on your website for long time which is also an SEO Boost.

Now comes the important part in shared hosting you will have company of some spammers in your dedicated servers but in the case of dedicated no one is allowed in your home without permission. These are the advantages of upgrading to these high end plans try it and leave comments.

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