verify website with Google webmaster admin console tools 2019

Verify website with Google webmaster admin console tools 2019 | Importance of Google Webmaster admin console in 2019 new updated tools that every website need to stay connected for better SEO Results optimization.

Why you need google webmaster admin console? Before the competition of websites ranking you don’t seriously need this because even though you have not optimized your site and its filled it with valued content the search bots with high demand of data will crawl your website and make it to rank number 1 in olden days.

But now if your website is not optimized for search engines and not having high quality data then your site is counting its days. In 2019 these search engine admin console is must for a website, Don’t compare your website with an old website with high domain authority they are like old guys, search engines will have huge respect for them.

But for new website you must obey the rules for long run. Google is updating there search engine console so better try the new search tools before the old runs out according to latest report it might gone in later march this year.

For better rankings looks at links, HTML errors and improvements first cause bad links will not give you good rankings and affects your page and domain rankings. Now verification process in webmaster is so simple try various ways to verify that the site is yours. It is better to verify with multiple domain methods for long run.

First is upload the verification file to Cpanel make sure the bots are allowed in robots.txt and place the file in root of the file manager.

Second step just make a side by side login with your domain name provider and authorize google’s app to verify it is yours.

webmaster console
webmaster console

Third step add Cname to the domain provider that will provide authorization that the website is your some providers makes more time to display Cname and DNS based on server location it will take 1-2 days for verification.

New webmaster interface 2019:

Also the webmaster console will display the performance ( new console Interface) after 2-5 days for detailing, it will show you keywords, CTR and rankings.

You can see links that were pointed to your site where you can check whether the backlinks are worthy or not kindly remove the bad one which is recommended.

You can see mobile usability and amp performance please rectify the errors cause world nowadays is based on mobile searches only. Solve the 404 problems if you have many error pages, some 404 not found pages are ok, but many is need an action for redirect.

Url Inspection for submitting new page, keep in mind more submission will not give you better rankings. Coverage will show you what are the pages that are indexed, not indexed, Why it is excluded and the errors in your website.

Security portion in webmaster have manual actions and issues check them regularly for any warnings and try to solve them seriously. And last it is settings portion for verifying website and giving the access for new users.

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