Vehicle Insurance Claim Up to 50% Discount on Renewal 2019

Claim Vehicle Insurance Up to 50% Discount on Renewal 2019 | Yes you can get from 20 to 50% for the insurance renewal which is available in all popular insurance companies don’t forget about it.

After the brand new announcement from the government side for insurance about you have to make long term coverage for your vehicles ( third party only ) you have to pay for your own vehicle coverage only.

On the other hand your renewal for own insurance have a discount which will not said by your companies maximum. Yes if you have not claim any in the last corresponding year you will have a bonus coverage of nearly 20 to 50%.

For example if your own vehicle insurance renewal is costing nearly 10 k bucks and you have not claim anything in the last period you will get up to 50% of bonus which is only 5 K is enough for next renewal.

discount insurance
discount insurance

Additional tips: Don’t just waste you claim for little scratches which is unavoidable for all car owners we know that is an eye catcher but it is a waste of time and money and bonus for such scratches only claim for large dent for that only your claim is worth so ignore such scratches.

You can also get the non claim bonus from the other insurance providers too, Yes if you not liking to renewal with your current provider reason is like some what more costly and other provider giving some less you can go with them.

Bonus available with the cross providers too all you need is just provide a valid certificate from your previous insurance provider that you have not made a claim. Always ask your companies about the bonus they may forget about the bonus or hide these information from you. Additionally new insurance companies will ask for claim info for jumping between them you should check the review before you move to new insurance company or they will give more head ache.

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