Reduce Newly bought Vehicle Insurance premium cost 2019

Reduce Newly bought Vehicle Insurance premium cost 2019 | After many policy update the insurance premium cost was sky high in India which brought head ache to the buyers but actually it is good only but in buying point of view the percentage of overall cost of vehicle was increased.

Followings are some of the ways / tricks which will reduce the cost of insurance for your new vehicle. First you have to understand this 5 years updated policy is for the third party, that is the person whom you are affecting through accident ( if happens hope for not ).

But it is not for your own so consider them to uncheck from your insurance provider that is you can remove 5 years package insurance for your own injury. You can make single year insurance premium for own injury / accident death and 5 years for third party this will reduce the cost considerably.

Vehicle Insurance cost
Vehicle Insurance cost

Your old car no claim bonus can help ! yes with your old cars which is in the insurance year can cover the cost for you new cars ask your provider to shift the non claim bonus to new one many providers giving this facility. Additionally don’t claim for small dents these dents won’t affect your car’s performance but looks only previous article regarding small dent claim will help.

Be a best driver as the new policy to roll out in India that the premium of bad drivers gonna increase up to 40% is not good news for them drive responsively and that will also reduce the new cars premium. Renew the insurance premium on time even though you can make it after expiry it is not advisable so try to pay them on time before one week of expiry.

Use online insurance portals to claim promo codes and discounts instantly also check for the reviews in multiple websites and filter the names of the companies.

And choose the suitable for you as these are some of the methods to reduce the cost but not much try to reduce the add-on in the coverage, These extra add-on will land extra cost for you take time to read the policy papers carefully and ask the agents about the add-on and extra deductions.

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