How to solve ubuntu 18.04 freeze problem 2019

How to solve Ubuntu 18.04 freeze problem 2019 | Ubuntu Linux one of the popular operating system used by plenty of Linux fans world wide, Linux OS is famous for its security, open source and style but it too have some defects but rectifiable.

After the latest update 18.04 you may have face some freeze or slow issues, before you start the root space must be allocated above 30 gb is good for Ubuntu, Even though the latest operating system requires only 10+ GB storage you  need 30+ GB for a smooth run. We have faced an experience regarding this, we have installed the fresh operating system with only 14GB space which makes the laptop too slow. So consider to install them in 30 GB drive, additionally you cannot modify the root partition and it is so hard when compared to the other drives. 

The partition is not allowed in the root because may sub partitions are made in the root so you cannot modify them, even though you can find some alternative codes for root partition online but it can hurt your OS and high chances for data loss.

Wine – Wine is also a reason for the Ubuntu operating system gets slow, wine is a software for Ubuntu which helps to run the windows and apple software for free, not all of those software run properly in wine. some software hangs and slows the entire os, there are high chances for them to freeze the inbuilt Ubuntu OS too. It is recommended to run dual Operating system if you want to run the windows software on your PC or laptop.

You have to optimise chrome and Firefox before they eat the Ram, but latest update of chrome is not eating ram so try updated but above all try to increase the root size which helps the Ubuntu 18.04 to make a struggle free run. There is no doubt the Linux is best but optimising them will avoid headache while you running something.

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