Two best place for placing google adsense ads in website 2019

Suggestions for placing google adsense ads in two best place in website 2019 which will bring you higher CTR for sure | Before staring each website has different content and visitors has different point of existing and view point, but as a website owner of many based on test conducted we found two hot places for placing google adsense ads in website.

Based on various testing we found two ads per page performs better than many ads per page, some years ago adsense only allowed three display ads per page but later it allows many ads with a condition which says you should not exceed the content, that is the ads must not exceed the actual worth content in the very page.

Even though our content is pretty long we placed only two ads on single page but impression RPM on that page became too high then more ads in a page, Cost per click CPC also considerably increased on that pages, additionally page speed will be increased if less amount of ads shown in a page.

First best place is placing the ads right below the heading and description on top of the page, (Note: don’t place below menu) placing under menu is not allowed by google’s policy and it will increase more accidental clicks which is very dangerous to your account.

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Placing on that position below description will gain your ads much attraction than other places even though if your page was not one the visitor looking for this ads will gain his interest and may be clicked max.

Second best position is the bottom as you know after the article is fully studied by the visitor the last ads space has huge impression, google automated adsense is so clever it will show what the visitor like to see on that position, additionally mobile visitors will usually scroll down to bottom of the page ( thanks to facebook addiction) and that ads also has high CTR click through rate so try these position for good earnings.

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