Best meta trader Forex trade buy and sell position 2019

Best meta trader Forex trade buy and sell position 2019 | Nearly 90% of new Forex traders quit the trading due to capital loss maximum of capital loss is happening in Forex due to poor discipline as per all profitable brokers and market makers.

You have to control emotion in order to compete in the Forex market which is full of sharks who are always willing to eat your stop loss positions.
what will new Forex traders do for position? We know little Forex freshers place buy or sell in meta trader, who are initially stay in the screen for more than 2 – 3 hours staring the screen and making candle move by their magic ( troll ).

Which indicator is best for meta trader 4 or 5 ? Just understand not all indicators are best and using no indicators are also worst so try to stick with multiple strategies before you made a trade or pending positions. So if multiple strategies in Forex will leads to success ? yes multiple strategies with emotion control will always leads to success rate of 90%.


Emotional handling in Forex ? In FX emotional handing is more important it is better not to trade then trade on multiple wrong positions. Don’t stick with past emotions in current running charts it won’t help every time in your trading system.

So what is best position to place? Place the buy stop or sell stop pending position above or below past high or low trend line, because in many times it may touch the trend line and jump rapidly. Better you can use zig ziag if you have no idea about the trend lines in multiple time frames.

Based on your trading style you can select best time frame. But the key is stop loss not because of your trade moving in wrong direction doesn’t mean it is end, Just control your emotion and make a best position with good profit.

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