Top up home loan and car loan things you need to know 2019

You may get offer from your favorite banks about top up loan offer based on your car and home which is the best option for you but you need to know about these things before you get these top up loans.

Popular banks that trust their trusted clients providing these kind of top up loans, Which is based on the home loans, business loans and car loans that they are taking, Most of the banks will provide these top up loans if the clients paid their 6 months loan without any black mark.

To get this loan make sure that you have not activated do not disturb calls in your mobiles, because you may miss this marketing call which makes your top up loan possible. Other method is chat with customer care in net banking, ask them whether you are eligible for that kind of top up.

Most people misunderstand that top means an additional to existing loan that was taken and the EMI is same as old loan which is not correct, top up loan is actually an individual loan which usually gave as a credit for your proper previous EMI settlement.

Don’t ask the details to the tele-callers they don’t know fully about these top up, ask the bank manager who will give clear details about it, additionally you can take this loan if you can able to repay to EMI at the same time. Most of the banks provide this loan in instant approval and zero documentation which is also known as unsecured loan, that is you don’t need to submit any documents for this pre-approved loan just an OTP (one time password) is enough.

This is because in the previous loan itself you have submitted enough documents the bank will forward them for this new top up loans. Based on the home value the approval amount will be differ so choose the amount of loan you need before you get some because adding two loans to your account will reduce the chances of getting another loan delay.

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