Top 5 Technologies of the Future, Including Dating

Our lives are changing with incredible speed and force. Humanity has invented so many solutions for various problems, from small to catastrophic. People are becoming more and more aware of the environment.

We finally accepted that global warming is a thing. We try to follow a wasteless routine, walking with cotton shopping bags instead of paper ones. We know how to compost and recycle. We invented cures for many diseases. We acknowledged how to be a polite human being, free of shame and stereotypes. We invented new ways to love and alter our reality. Here are more things the future can offer us in the nearest time.

· Synthetic meat:

Modern research on the production of meat in vitro has arisen from NASA experiments, trying to find better ways for long-term nutrition for astronauts in space. The method was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995, and scientists soon began conducting experiments on the production of meat in a test tube from turkey cages and a goldfish. Scientists believe that artificial meat can be a healthier alternative to the human body – primarily by reducing the fat content. The manufacturer will also be able to consciously regulate the nutrient content in it. Theoretically, synthetic meat can be enriched with omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids which are contained in a very limited list of natural products. True, they also need to get somewhere first.

From the point of view of ecology, meat from a test tube will be a real salvation for our planet. According to 2011 studies, when growing meat in vitro on a cyanobacterial substrate, compared to ordinary meat, approximately 45% less energy, 99% less land, 80-95% less water and greenhouse gas emissions are required, and other wastes are practically reduced to zero.

· No-sewer toilet

One of the most successful people now living on Earth, American multi-billionaire Bill Gates presented his foundation’s new invention – a flush-free, sewer-free toilet. It doesn’t use your local sewer system communication, so the water doesn’t go to waste. Bill Gates presented this innovation on Reinvented Toilet Expo in China.

How does it work then? Instead of flushing water, a toilet will contain special chemicals that process your goods to compost. The invention is soon said to be tested and released on the market. The foundation spent 200 million dollars on improving and working on their invention.

· Having a programmed girlfriend or your VR date

Tinder is an ancient invention compared to VR dating. If you like seeing single girls online but have no success so far, no worries. Create one. In 2015, inventors have already tested this magnificent invention from virtual reality. People say that in 2040, you’ll be able to feel the person before you actually meet them. All jokes aside, with the new technology, we will soon be able to touch, hear, see, and smell people with the use of a headset. It’s much like going to a 7d movie theatre, except that we live in a three-dimensional universe. If you are far away from your partner, you will be able to feel their presence because of the new app.

· Clothes that grow with you

During the first two years of life, a child changes seven sizes on average, which is both a cute and touching moment and a considerable financial expense for the parents. A British brand Petit Pli creates clothes that literally grow with you. Consequently, a parent buys significantly less clothing items, saving the budget and the planet altogether. The key principle is origami-like construction and cute, breathable materials. No more tight clothes for your baby boo

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