Use Sell stop before you start forex trading to avoid loss 2018

If you are an experienced forex trader you will know the importance of stop loss option 2018 in meta trader 4 or 5 which is widely used among forex traders. But if you are a beginner in forex trading you might not know about stop loss option or importance about the usage of stop loss option.

Most of the beginners will start with demo account where you are not playing with real money, real money needs real dedication towards the market, most of the forex brokers will provide high range of amount fund on your demo account which is very rare to lose until you made close on your own or trade randomly with high amount.

But in the case of real money maximum new forex brokers will start with 500$ account which is a mini or nano account, so in this account you need make moves very carefully even one trade with no stop loss will destroy your trading account for sure.

Because based on supply demand and new trending news market will change instantly which is some rare case in fx market it may break the trend line and can make you loss more than you expect so while starting the trade use stop loss option too because you cannot look at the trading screen too often.

But you must learn where to use stop loss because improper usage of stop loss will also lead to huge loss, better to place the stop loss before previous trendline will explain that in the future you may also like previous articles regarding forex.

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