HTTPS SSL Certificate the compulsory one after August 2018

HTTPS SSL Certificate the compulsory one after August 2018 | Before August 2018 Many website owners does’t care about the SSL certificates which will indicates whether the website is secured or not for any transaction or other data uploads and download, Google has warned website owners to upgrade to secured version for many years, But most of the website owners not upgraded to secure version.

Already SSL will give a light boost up in search rankings than non secured websites but after August 2018 the new google’s algorithm made this ranking boost to next level, yes if your website is not having SSL certificate then your website will pushed to bottom of google’s search result.

You may check the result of your website in google analytics and webmaster tools, A sudden drop will be present if your website is not secured, After many years of warning and tons of internet users increased google decides to make the encryption strict in order to save the data’s of visitors from the hackers.

Buy trusted certificate from good provider don’t buy cheap certificates from the cheap SSL providers which may result as a mixed response in google chrome which is actually indicates not secure symbol on the left top bar with red indication which clearly says to its users that this particular website is not secure beware with your transactions which includes data uploads and downloads too.

Many top HTTPS certificate providing companies likeĀ Godaddy, Big rock are providing these certificates in cheap offer price get it soon before your competitors does, you can install the certificate yourself by adding them to you Apache server install certificate option. Additionally if you are using cloud flare or other CDN free network they may block your so remove them first or buy premium versions from them.

ssl importance

After installing the certificates make sure that you have pointed to correct www or non www version and check your sub domains and make proper redirect and canonical which will help google and other bots to crawl better.

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