Spreads vs commissions which is best for new Forex traders 2019

Spreads vs commissions which is best for new Forex traders 2019 | Before we start the new Forex traders should always know that their initial capital is always at risk so handle your fx account always with care.

As said by many professionals and brokers always train well in demo account like a original account. well here is the additional tip the Forex brokers initially give you million dollar demo account but always try to start with low 100$ or 500$ account which will help
you to learn better than million dollar account.

So for the new Forex traders after couple of trades they might think which method is good for them whether that is spreads or commissions. In the case of spreads they are fixed if you made a trade then your ask or bid line must cross the spread that has been set by your broker.

Some other brokers will also give fixed spreads that means your spread will not change any time. So what is variable spreads? These kind of variable spreads will be changed time to time during high volatility the spreads may be widen and when made a trade if the market moved in opposite direction that is too bad in widen spread.

fx spreads
fx spreads

In the case of commission they are fixed always when you made a trade whether it is positive or negative the commission will be added in your side when you close the trade it will be taken as a commission charge by your broker.

Additionally check swap charges based on some pairs brokers and market may keep some swap charges so that if your trade was opened more than one day it will be charged.

So this is the fact check which method is suitable for you and select Forex brokers that will support both spread and commission methods.

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