Solve sound issue in iPhone mobiles with in 5 minutes 2018

If your iPhone has sound problem you are not alone many iPhone’s owners facing this issue which can be quickly solved with in 5 minutes 2018 if you follow our simple steps. what ever the cost of the mobile is the problems may arise this is due to your bad luck or manufacturing problem, in the case of iPhone many sound problems are been raised by its owners, on many popular forums one the major among them but today we are covering this topic.

We used many apple’s iPhone some rare times this issue will arise during some video playback or some music player playing music, first of all you should not use third party video apps or music player to play music, only use authorized apps for playing such multimedia content on your apple iPhone. 

For jailbreak mobiles users sorry you have no chance no authorized apple centers will solve your problem even though your jail break is reversed apple support will not service your mobile.

After got this sound issue on your mobile first you have to check the side button on your mobile which may be enabled or half enabled at previous time, or accidentally you may clicked it while playing. Just make it silent mode / don’t mode enable again and disable it and check whether the sound has came back in your iPhone. if not go to next step.

Second method is just restart or shutdown your mobile for a couple of times, remove unused unwanted apps in your mobile, remove low power mode and press the volume up down button for couple of times this time it should work don’t worry if will not arise again. 

If no method was worked you have to rush the apple support center in your area, if your mobile is too old consider changing it or change the sound chip parts if your warranty already expired.

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