Solving Ubuntu Laptop mouse Touch pad issues 2019

Solving Ubuntu Laptop mouse Touch pad issues 2019 | it will irritate much if your laptop’s mouse touch pad not working when you are on hurry, We have some of technique which can solve your problem if it was not a hardware issue.

These touch pad problem will arise if you are installing new operating system on your laptop or sudden touch pad not work problem while using or shut down due to low power.

While installing new Ubuntu operating system you will need driver software like gnome tweaks which will solve your mouse problems for sure. Because maximum of laptops are made for windows which are widely used by the users in the world so your powerful Ubuntu’s mouse may not work.( Information: Ubuntu is the operating system which is used by world fastest super computer as of now.)

Secondly if your Operating system mouse stops working suddenly or some power failure just charge it fully and restart and try again. Other solution is even you have already installed gnome tweaks but still not working try reinstall followed by a restart.

Solution 4:

Check the laptop’s touch pad function by clicking function button on the f series buttons ( Because different laptops suggest different f buttons) you may have accidentally clicked the function button and touch pad button. for uninterpreted movie and browsing experience some of laptop manufactures are providing these options. try them and give a restart or a sleep for your PC which is more enough to get these touch pad back.

Even in windows operating system you can try these and if not working just check your laptops correct version mouse hardware and install it. If none of the above works sorry you have a bad time just visit the authorised service centre if it was under warranty it will covered or you have to pay for your mouse touch pad.

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