Promoted Single landing pages online good or bad 2019

Promoted Single landing pages online good or bad 2019 | After years passed online website was major source of many companies promotion nowadays. Your company cannot survive without online website presence.

So in olden days if your website came to live no work is needed, just an update from 2 – 3 months is more than enough for the seo. lets see some example – if you having a hospital based on ortho in old days like early 2005 your site presence with simple ortho related title and some text is more than enough for good SEO And hurray your customers will search ortho on your area and visit your website.

But now competition raises many tons and tons of result now available in all search engines like google. So old technique won’t help nowadays try making detailed pages as your landing page is the only way to get good rankings in search results.

Online advertisement is the only way to tackle your online enemies, Even that pages need good content for good rank which will give better result, low quality rank will give low ad quality result for your site page or your ad will demand more CPC cost per click to appear.

So now in my point of view i think the single page is not worthy to understand your business from the client point of view. Another common mistake is your single landing page has form with more input fields to fill. Now in this super fast internet world no one want more input text.

If your landing page has no enough content how you believe the clients will give data leads you need?.

Try to land your customers on pages with tons of content with navigation. Some people also making the website without navigation also how can people surf around your website without even a home page link. Additionally try to add google, FB sign in to submit the form you can grab more information from that then the input text field.

Cause people may login on other tab in these social networks so they can sign-in through your website so quick. And this is for the developers to make google sign in through your website.

So try to land your important clients to good content page with navigation to avoid leads.

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