Choosing best server location for your website 2019

Choosing best server location for your website 2019 | In old days website owners and developers will not care about the location of the website they will choose the website location which is cheap.

But later it became an important SEO signal to the search engines, yes server location also a search signal but not said officially by the search engines but we made a test to check whether it is true or not which became positive.

Good websites need good locations as per search engines, also based on the customers you have to choose the hosting location if your hosting server is far away your customers then website will be slow for the customers you have targeted which result bad rankings in SEO which is a big head ache nowadays.

server location
server location

If your targeted customers are world wide the you have to choose a good CDN content delivery network which will handle all your customers world wide in same way, but these CDN networks need some pricing for their service if your website is you full time business then you have no other choice what ever your server is you have to choose a CDN.

Because even if you have a dedicated server your website will be loaded slow on the distance location CDN is the only apt solution for this problem additionally if your website is purely based on a particular targeted audience in particular place you can choose that location server itself which is fine for the search engines and your customers.

Many of the hosting companies asking clients location target to choose good location for you, And if you want to change the location then you need to pay for the date center migration the choice is yours whether you have to choose CDN or better Hosting server location for good website performance in 2019.

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