Get first page SEO ranking with google analytics 2019

Get first page SEO ranking with google website analytics 2019 | Website ranking became one of the important factor for business nowadays who rank first in the search engines is the key for good business.

Even though many people scroll down to the bottom of first page results in the search engines like google, bing etc,. every one need the first heading as their place which gives more than 40% of ctr if you have positioned at number one. In the case of non competitive keyword ranking at number one or in the first page is so easy.

But it will not come easily if your website is new, you need to perform tons of back works, on page seo, promotion and mainly patience. you cannot rank page one on the day one itself, imagine why the search engines need to show your website instead of old established website? .

Even though the content of those well aged website is low, due to other pages and domain, page rank the search engines love to show the result of their links first. So in our point of view don’t expect good ranking on the first year of your website. Just develop them with your hard work, write great articles with great content.

Even one quality article per week is more enough for website ranking in the year end. Yes this is some what takes more time and effort but wait we are in 2019 where the website development nowadays are so competitive not like old days even you have website with title tag and one word you can rank one on that time.

Now millions, billions of active websites available in cyber space how can you expect rank one in this competitive business. So after one year you can see the best result, but what about competitive keyword how to rank well for that. Competitive keywords can be found in keyword planned provided by google and also you can get that in many third party sites too. Ranking the competitive keyword is not easy and also maintaining the rank is also not easy.

Goolge analytics:

All you have to do is use another powerful tool provided by google which is google analytics. Search engines want you visitors to stay on your website, so check the duration time very carefully check which pages having less duration.

If your visitors visit you website they need to stay high duration on your page for high keywords, make your visitors stay on your page with more quality and readable content. This will also increase overall performance of your website too. so use this google analytics wisely for good ranking in search engines.

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