Remove virus from Firefox / Google Chrome Browser 2019

Remove virus from Firefox / Google Chrome Browser 2019 | This is one of the worst moment for the internet users, world is already fighting with the computer virus since 1982 many anti-virus software are there to fight them but these browser attacking viruses are some what getting tougher nowadays.

There are many threads around the internet to solve the browser issues and many malware removal software’s are there too but still some new threats for this browsers cant be removed by old methods in such case follow the below Methods.

Remove suspicious folders in C drive:
In-case your old anti-virus software didn’t help to remove the virus folder check for those folders manually keep list view in the folder options and sort them by date and don’t hesitate to delete the newly created folders who are the culprits. Some of them cant be deleted use your administrative rights to delete them.

End the unwanted background process in task manager:

You can find some different software names running the background of your task manager of windows just end the process tree of those software, by deleting the file / folder location they cannot be restarted. Then clear the temp files too, use run>%temp% to clear temp files.

Remove all extensions:

Remove all unwanted plugins / add-on in your Firefox and chrome, after the virus injection you can see different extensions in your plugins they are also the culprits that are causing troubles, if you cant remove those plugins just go to the extension installed directory and delete them.

Remove rights from extensions folders: If the add-on installing again itself after the removal of plugins in your browser then remove admin privileges of system / user / administrator from extension folder, this will help not to add any virus files by third parties.

remove virus chrome
remove virus chrome

Reinstall OS: If none of the methods worked just backup the necessary files from the OS installed directory and reinstall your windows OS and then install new software with caution. Never install software from pirated sites cause they are the reason for such evilness.

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