Proper AMP Remove method from WordPress CMS 2019

Proper way to remove AMP from WordPress CMS 2019 | AMP is one of the popular mobile optimization with google’s own server that serves us cache for your website free there tons of advantages in amp pages / accelerated mobile pages but some people don’t like these after installation.

If you have installed and deactivated the plugin in WordPress immediately then there is no problem the bots won’t crawl and index them in search pages that quick but if you are activated the new amp plugin and that is active for more than couple of days then you have to remove them properly in order to avoid some serious issues in WordPress and in search console. In our experience we have consider only the top two plugins in WordPress are the best in production of amp pages.

Now to remove properly first remove the plugins that you have activated in your dashboard then check for the folder in c panel cause some plugins need to remove manually.

proper amp remove

And If you have not remove the folder the search bots which doesn’t know about the update may crawl the same content from the AMP pages. Always use canonical for AMP because if the bots checked the desktop version and the mobile accelerated pages are same but no canonical rel tag is used then it will consider them as duplicate content which may land you in trouble again.

Now after removing the folder just make sure you have updated the robots.txt that will not allow the bots to access the folder again. Second step is make proper 301 redirects to those pages to its parent pages. Cause some plugins use the folder like and others use /amp/content/ so remove them if you have used multiple plugins you have to remove them all.

Check for the webmasters about in which folder that the amp is being considered. Always check whether the redirect works on multiple browsers and some websites are there to check whether the redirect gives proper code or not.

After all process you may still look the amp cache pages on google search results which are unavoidable you need to give some time for the bots to consider the change.

This is because the console bots think you may change your mind to bring the accelerated mobile pages back so after couple of days it may think it is a permanent change lets consider the new. That’s all these are the proper way to remove AMP from your WordPress.

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