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WWE Crown Jewel 2018 HD Photos Download & Match Results

WWE Crown Jewel 2018 HD Photos Download & Match Results

WWE Crown Jewel 2018 HD Photos Download & Match Results | Here comes the next biggest WWE pay per view main event in November 2, 2018 - The crown jewel happening in Saudi arabia @ King Saud University

dx beats WWE brothers of destruction crown jewel DX returns at WWE crown jewel shane McMahon wins crown jewel best in the world cup brock lesnar wins universal championship @ crown jewel

wwe crown jewel universal championship match


Looks like attitude era is back with the crown jewel but which is a bad news for the wrestling fans in USA, Because they didn't have that chance to see those biggest matches in WWE Arenas in United states. However we have to wait to see upcoming events which is linked with WWE's crown jewel may allow us to see these stars on Wrestle mania and royal rumble.

Matches and predictions in WWE crown jewel 2018:

As of now only 4 WWE matches is announced in crown jewel all other matches and events will be announced later. Now we are going to analyze those matches and a little predictions which is also subjected to change in the future.

WWE World cup:

Wow this is crazy! This was the first time ever a world cup tournament in wwe , You may have seen title run tournament, king of the ring tournament but this is something new and special. Popular superstars have already collided to participate in this world cup match. John cena is a direct participant followed by the viper randy, 619 master, kurt angle, miz ,ziggler, Jeff hardy and Shield brother Seth Rollins.

Prediction winner: Seth Rollins - The talented youngster who deserved this cup then the other legends in this match.

Real Winner: Soon.

Aj styles VS Daniel Bryan:

The new era collides with this epic match. The most talented superstars of current era facing each other after a complete recovery Daniel is facing the phenomenal one wait till Nov 2 to check whether the title changed or still a run for AJ styles in crown jewel.

Predicted winner: AJ styles.

Real winner: Soon.

WWE universal championship match - Champion roman reigns vs brown strowman vs brock lesnar:

After the epic battle roman reigns beat the beast brock lesnar to become the universal champion, After that every one thought brock may return to UFC and leave WWE but shockingly he attacked roman and strowman and made a statement for his championship this match is also happening in crown jewel.

Predicted winner: Roman reigns.

Real winner: soon.

DX (Degeneration X ) Triple H and Shawn Michaels Vs BOD ( Brothers of destruction ) Kane and Undertaker:

As said before the US Fans was not lucky enough to see this epic legends match on there, But Saudi WWE fans gets this epic opportunity. Yes legends and hall of fame members collide for the first time ever

In fact many WWE fans expected this dream match but it didn't happened and also all of these super stars are nearly retired. But things changed after super show down event, After battle between triple h and undertaker - triple H won the match but brothers of destruction made a statement which leads to this epic tag team match.

Predicted winner: Brothers of destruction.

Real winner: Soon.

Still ticket portal not opened for the the crown jewel due to some issues but we hope it will open soon and until check all latest HD Photos of this event. Official News updates and matches will also updated here. You can also make memes with those High quality WWE images and download it for free and without any signup.

WWE Crown jewel live update:
  • As said before due to some issues in Saudi the tickets not yet available in WWE crown jewel portal, However some wrestling fans wants this event to be cancelled and make it on USA, Lets wait and see.

  • Sad news update for Roman fans, He is suffering from rare cancer disease and he surrendered his universal championship on RAW last night. As result brown and brock going to face for this vacant title at crown jewel.

  • After many rumours crown jewel is happening in Saudi Arabia and tickets are sold out with in hours, Official Saudi stadium site has announced the ticket for this epic WWE event are sold out.

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