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Rajini haters memes | Troll south Indian superstar rajini kanth funny photos

Rajini haters memes | Troll south Indian superstar rajini kanth funny photos | If you are from south india you may hate this but if you are from north india you will like rajini kanth memes.
North india rajini memes:

Many troll pages are there for superstar rajini kanth in north india which is dead opposite to tamil nadu, recently many bollywood pages are trolling him with out any mercy even they are comparing him with sardhar ji jokes which is very famous.

Even though he is highly paid actor in india some of his movies are very logic less, for trolling purpose north indians watching his movies and creating such memes. Maximum of north indians like those troll images.

South india:

In south india he is praised like a demi god, Usually south indian people like actors very much and will start absorb their activites after some hits, rajini who is giving hit films from 80's enjoying huge fan following here.

Haters by fans pages:

Real fact is nowadays ajith, vijay has more fans than rajini but fans of rajini not accepting that they are comparing rajini with these current generation stars as a result they spreading hater funny memes towards superstar.


Superstar is currently 60+ But still pairing with actress like amy who is just 25 which is less age than his daughter, many people want him to do father roles or some roles suit's his age.

Less haters:

Less haters for rajini kanth in south india which is mainly politics speech, in early 90's he had high expectations from public for him to join politics but he failed to use that, he used those political speech only during his movie release time realizing that some people started hating him and spreading hate towards him.

Even recently he meet his fans and made a statement regarding political entry,  people nowadays are very much aware about politics thanks to social media's, but lets wait and see whether he will enter this time or just movie release stunt. Create new memes using create-meme.com

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