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Some pro tips to avoid loss in Forex trading 2019 : Article 1

Some pro tips to avoid loss in Forex trading 2019 : Article 1

Some pro tips to avoid loss in Forex trading 2019 : Article 1 | yes, that is right you cannot avoid loss in Forex but you can control it because even though you are a professional Forex trader and trading for years in Meta trader 4 / MT 5 you cannot avoid losses some losses are necessary not every one is getting 100% profit in Forex that is the truth the more you are conscious about the market the less you lose.

Even there are more losers in the Forex market some of the quits and some think it is not suitable for them but the truth is those who are not showing discipline to the market will always lose. Control your emotion is the first pro tip, if the market is moving in unfavourable direction you must build your own strategy to close the trade your over confident won't help in the market.

Money management is also one of the major pro tip market won't care about how you lose today or how you win it just keep moving on its own terms without any mercy. So if you lose huge amount in Forex does't mean you are going to win on next hour or day. Never lose certain percentage in your capital, even though you know market will go on your favourite direction after some time you have to save the capital first because an account washout will hurt like hell.

Demo account are holy grail, practise in that very well until you have less number loss ratio. And double check whether your strategy works well in the demo account. By the way all the currencies are not same try to stay with popular majors for more time before entering live account. More About avoiding loss in Forex trading in upcoming articles.

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