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Godaddy hosting website's domain auction review 2018

An user's review on one of the best hosting website godaddy, domain auction is quite popular after it became cheap and more profitable, many users are buying bulk domain names and waiting for good auctions.

Many big websites and companies will buy the domain from the users who are blocked the domain names. Users who bought the domain names for just less dhaan 10$ will able to sell that more than 1000$ if it was worth name, many short domains will also resale for 100+ dollars, this is because in morden world every one needs short domain for quick business. Many popular companies who are making new projects under new name will also offer good price.

After the hosting companies realized that domain resale is great business made new platform named as domain auction. Many hosting companies provide domain sales too, cheap domains is provided by godaddy for new users and pro users (web developers). In the beginning the domain auction is free of cost provided by many auction websites but later they became paid service. In godaddy we registered as a auction member for rs.300 per member. In terms and conditions of godaddy website they mentioned to ask and bid in godaddy securely you need to register as auction member.

godaddy auction bid and ask domain names

After registering as auction member we initially tried to list a domain but it said to list for 7 days public auction you have to wait for more than 2 days, after two days we got rejected because it is said that the domain whois is different from your godaddy contact details, so we changed the domain who is details are resubmitted to the auction team, now the domain is listed (it is recommended to change admin details of domain to godaddy contact details in order to be listed.

After proper details submission domain is got listed and no one bid for the domain but the watching is high for the website later we choosed premier listing which is around 200rs per domain and this time domain is sold for a good price in order to get paid you have to fill your bank details to the profile. Final review about godaddy auction is if you think your domain is worth then premier listing is a great option.

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