MetaTrader Mt4 mobile app vs desktop app which is best 2019

MetaTrader Mt4 mobile app vs desktop app which is best 2019 | Many news traders have this doubt which is best whether it is desktop app or mobile app for trading, experienced one will not have this kind of mistakes they new both are one and also both are not equal lets see this thing deeply.

While trading in desktop you will get tons of news along side with just tab switch, if you think news and events does not play important role just think again it is also important leg of the Forex market so don’t ignore them. Before you realize that the market went wrong direction due to news and events your half of the capital may wiped out.

Yes the mobile mt4 shows news on the other tab and by using browser & news apps but when it comes to flexibility the PC and laptops are the best. Now comes indicators according to the popular Forex experienced users indicators are good reference givers but you should not full relay on the indicators but however the indicators need to be considered before the trade or after the wrong trade.

When it comes to desktop there are tons of indicators which is available online, just forget about the paid one even free indicators are enough to make good profit percentage.

Yes just like the news the Mt4 mobile also have the indicators where you can add them on your single small screen but it will gives irritation also some users complaint about the touch issues and some slow issues while using the mobile version of mt4 so in this important case also mt4 fails.


Additional info: you cannot download metatrader 4 from the official website it gives you only mt5 version to use mt4 contact your Forex broker and not all brokers providing mt4 version. Also while using mobile trading imagine if you have a call or some little hang or some network problem your trade will gone as you know the trading business is fully depends on timing even though your mobile have high ram and rom it may give you some hang on some moment which is not good for the forex trading.

Opening and closing trades delay in mobile mt4, yes some times the new trade and old trade closing time have some seconds delay which is also not good Also you have to press two buttons to open or close a trade but in the desktop app only single click trading buttons available which is too quick, if you are a scalper i am sure the mobile version is not suitable for you cause in micro button closing seconds the trade can jump in any direction.

Even though you are a long trader while in between the trade close some points loss in mobile version is not necessary.

So the mobile mt4 is useless? no absolutely not according to our conclusion don’t make trade without analyzing the desktop version if you are in travel you cannot use pc or laptop in flexible way, so to check the status of your trade in mobile and try to close if it went on wrong direction.

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