Installing Metatrader in Ubuntu 18.04 Operating system

Installing metatrader the powerful forex trading software in powerful operating system ubuntu, Check out how to install and optimize the metatrader 4 and 5 in Ubuntu linux 18.04 versions.

First of all there is no doubt Ubuntu Linux is one of the best operating system than windows and apple. But when it comes to the software library availability the Linux software are less when compared to other two giants. Meta trader 4 and 5 are the best Forex trading platforms that are not available in Ubuntu operating system, Not in official websites of both meta trader and Linux, But maximum of traders are using windows and apple operating systems for trading and some uses mobiles too, Mobile trading is not best we will see that in next article.

But absence of meta traders is one of the huge drawback, we recommend windows or apple for trading but if you have no other chances for that operating systems then the following method is for you to install the meta trader in ubuntu. Meta trader 4 is not available in their official website eve though you have downloaded meta trader 4 link it downloads only meta trader 5 link which is some what advanced than mt4 but more development on indicators yet to be come.

So it is better to download meta trader 4 from your brokers in our testing process we have downloaded two best brokers FX PRO and FXTM mt4 platform which comes with their own logo on the software. Install wine first on the ubuntu OS, then in old versions of ubuntu play on Linux helps to install meta trader but this not working in the latest updated ubuntu 18.04+ versions so you have to download the mt4 software in for windows and double click to install of you have installed wine already then you will get installed automatically.

After the installation we recommend you to try on the demo account first whether it is performing the trade execution instantly, After that use your real account. Disconnection problem on meta trader in ubuntu happens often to solve this you have to load all the pairs on your left side of mt4 sorry even if you don’t like it you have to load them all in order to avoid disconnection and try to avoid many indicators these are the best ways to optimize meta trader in ubuntu os.

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