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7-3-2019: Kotak life insurance never failed to impress their customers through their innovation now made a new technique to grab the customers, Just a selfie is enough to get what is the right insurance quotes for you, visit the kotak life website where you can find the selfie option just post your image via camera or photo based on the new improved AI it will determine your age and provide you suitable insurance coverage.

Good news for the good car drivers and bad news for bad drivers, Your car insurance premium cost is gonna increase considerably in upcoming years. According to the report from TOI transport department of India planned to increase the cost of car insurance coverage from 40% – 50% in upcoming years. India with largest accidents on roads many drivers were black marked by the traffic police so to avoid such incidents in future based on the database of black marked bad drivers they will have to pay more for their car insurance so if they are buying new car the cost may be higher than good drivers so if you have planned to buy a car make it fast if you have black mark in your driving profile.

Mumbai shocked with fake insurance claim by an old man, Bajaj allianz life insurance company filed case against Mumbai (India) person Chandrakant Shind and his sons plus doctors who made this fraud happened. The man actually made a fake death and claimed in more companies for life insurance, Not only him he made this fraud with his fellow relatives death too, Actually he submitted fake death certificates with doctors signature which cost nearly 2k, those doctors were too arrested by the mumbai police for such incident.

2019 Top 5 insurance companies in USA: What a fresh start for the companies in US, But only one month passed in 2019 we have picked some of the top 5 insure companies your need to consider in US before going others.

All of the following are best in some terms so we are not giving numbers for them – Best 5 insurance companies are State farm, Quote wizard, Esurance, Allstate and Liberty Mutual.

20/1/2019 – Great move by the RTC which has now planned to give insurance coverage for the cargo items too which is highly expected by the people long long ago itself. The coverage is for the items that sent through cargo will be covered on certain prices which includes if any damages, missing and fool swap too. Currently the officials in RTC announced the coverage 5rs for cargo shipments less than 5000rs, 10 for 5000 to 10000rs and so on, products above 50,000 will be charged 100rs.

17/1/2019 – Good news for the Mumbai based startup company turtle mint which is a online insurance company has raised up the funds of nearly $25Mn which is nearly 158 crores in India additionally it is much higher than existing investor’s capital while asking the company it said they are going invest them on latest technology for business.

Great news for the mobile app users in south east Singapore areas, two big giants are joining hands together for app based insurance products sales.

15/1/2019 – Grab and zhongan joining hands for this digital insurance across Singapore on early of this year 2019, Users can download the app and buy insure through online itself without any struggle. Additionally grab company planned to expand through online healthcare too.

13/1/2019 – Sad news for the people who bought stock on LIC corporation on today the share of the life insurance corporation fall below 70% in the financial year 2018.

Many analyst suggested this is due to increase in private sectors in past financial years additionally the share of private companies increased 30+%.

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WhatsApp insurance – oh! not so fast it is not about insure for your whats app messages, this service is for renewal of insure, claim service and more quotes relates services will be started through WhatsApp messenger service.

Many popular insurance companies started these service to make good bond between the customers. Additionally WhatsApp messenger will mention the company name in chat list and it will show business icon on it.

New regulations of new life insurance product to be implemented from financial year 2019. But currently the regulations are in testing stage but soon as the IRDAI meeting completed on April 2019 the regulations will be applied.

Company also asked the customers for feed back regarding this changes and they are believing this insure regulations will work better.

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