Don’t Purchase car insurance with unknown telemarketing callers 2018

Insurance experts and many customers on social networks commented on various complaint sites about insurance scam which is widely in practice nowadays from telemarketing unknown callers. Many reasons you should avoid these callers and mailers we are going to see about this briefly.

Buying insurance with unknown telecasters and messages / e mailers will some times gives you more trouble than you imagine, on the renewal of your favorite car insurance comes these kind of telecasters, From the car buyers database they will get your number and annoy you with continuous calls and messages with very cheap cost of insurance than you imagine. You may think that costing of insurance on popular companies are too damn high but this high price is worth when compared to bad situation from unknown local insurance companies.

Following some of the problems which will arise if you insured your car with unknown companies from telemarketing guys. If you met an accident and you asked for claim from those unknown insurance company recovery they will not give and ask you to submit document on the branch you have registered, Second is they will ask you to clear the dent or replace the parts on your own and give the bill on the company branch and you will get refund on couple of months which you need to follow or else they may not compensate you.

Most of the car service centers will cost high for the recovery and replacement of car parts if you don’t have money at that time you cannot recover your car but most of popular companies will give insurance and send surveyor on the next day, Ask the your car service center about companies that are tied up with them for faster recovery.

Finally don’t go with unknown insurance companies and spoil your precious cars, fancy words from those telemarketing guys wont help your car on recovery.

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