AMP Page Image size smaller error in webmasters 2019

AMP Page Image size smaller error in webmasters 2019 | Well if you got the error message in webmaster while some of your Accelerated mobile pages is smaller than recommended size you are not alone many webmasters who are watching the google console carefully may receive this error.

If their pages not satisfied particular condition on image size. Well i don’t remember error on this earlier on webmasters i am using wordpress content management system with a third party AMP plugin well every thing is smooth.

After this year 2019 only i got this image size smaller error which is currently a warning from the search console usually new update errors will be considered as warning from the search engine side but later it may convert as error which will result this page may kicked out from the AMP version page results.

So first thing is i have updated the plugins and the version of WordPress, in the plugin update they have added that the error in search console regarding image size has been solved but even that also i still get the error message after googling i found that the error is due to reduced width of amp pages featured image.

So you don’t need to work with all the images in your website that are less than 1200 PX width. The AMP validation pages just want the featured image of the page must above 1200 Pixels so just download the already uploaded image and resize them using adobe photoshop or microsoft paint ( image must near 1200 if very low than this number then you may not see a clear image ).

 image size error

After replacing the image submit the page to validate the error on the webmaster console. If you want to review it soon try submit URL inspection for faster crawl but based on crawling conditions only it will cosider your webpage any how your image size error will be solved after this change.

I think search engines want high quality full size images above 1200 px in future this may be the beginning of that change.

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