Why you should keep an eye on HTML Improvements webmasters

HTML improvements in webmasters is one of the tool provided free in google’s search console which is also known as the google webmaster console, this webmaster console helps you to keep track all the traffic, search quires, And more improvements you need to know about your website.

Importance of webmasters: Webmasters is one of the important site that all the website owners must sign up, because its 2017 you cannot make your website survive online without search engine traffic, if you are in olden days even website for your company or you personal blog looks big for your opponents but nowadays business are running because of these kind of search engines. 

People trust search engines: Peoples mind set nowadays think that what ever in online is true, this was shocking result came from recent survey the reviews and rankings of your website in the search engines like googlebrings more trust to your business, And based on the content you having the business will turn as a successful conversion.

 SEO Brokers: Beware of search engine brokers actually there is no such thing as search engine brokers they will approach you like we are from a search engine company and we will bring your website top in the rankings which is absolute fake, the search engines like google will never send persons like them, these fake brokers actually do two things which is get your money and escape or add your website to google adwords and bring they will show you that they have brought your website in top of the rankings.

 Actually adwords is so much different from that because it will show on the top of search results based on your budget, so don’t think that such brokers brought your website to the top of the listings, google is always clear about ads and real search results, Always they differentiate the ads by showing them with the label ads. So its so important to take care of the Search traffic of your website additionally if your website is against the policy of webmaster then you will not able to participate in google’s adsense and adwords this is because in the big g point of view the sites with policy violations are very bad for its searchers.

 Get back to HTML Improvements: The above contents is to show you how important is search traffic now lets get back into webmaster guidelines, before getting started check out the policies and best practices of google webmasters. Best way to get sign up to webmaster console: Many ways available there to verify the a website that belong to you but the best way is to verify that with your domain level, popular domain registration companies like godaddy has application to register with the webmasters but some local level registers you need to add c name or text to your domain in order to verify the website that belongs to you.

 If it failed don’t worry you can register your website to the console by other methods like adding html tag or uploading files to your server will help. OK, after verifying the website your website screen shot will available at the dash board of the webmaster console now you can access the information like analytics and more. Give some time to the search console to completely analyse your site, it may take 2-3 days for a complete analyse, submit your website’s sitemap, control the crawls, select the preferred version of your website like www or non www like that. After 2-3 days check your website’s performance in the webmaster console like if search analytics which holds the information like how visitors coming to your site the bounce level and more, you can also connect the adsense account, google analytics account and webmaster account.

 Now select search appearance with in that sub menu HTML improvements option will available, on that you can find duplicate contents, duplicate title tags, descriptions and more. always keep eye on that because it shows the mistakes that not you may not aware, Let me show you can example in WordPress the popular search platform your will need to attach images on the posts which will boost your look and feel but while clicking on that kind of images it will show same title tags and html improvements now think in the search engine point of view it may consider that the website owner is doing some thing wrong or against their policies.

 Most of the search engines are working in automation so don’t think a human behind these kind of bots that are giving you penalty, once you hit by penalty like thin content, pure spam and more, you have to submit reconsideration after that only a person will check your website based on their decision only you can see your site on search engines. This HTML improvement is a key which will show you the links that are affected more links you are getting affected the more chance you may hit by the thin content penalty, A popular SEO website suggested after 2016 the contents less than 200 words is considered as thin content!.

 So if you are a content writer or a website owner try to give long contents for the visitors because nowadays more online readers than offline readers (Book readers), not only that long and unique content will gain high quality back links and returning visitors for sure. Always avoid thin and duplicate content once your website hit by penalty its too hard to get them back based on my experience many of the website has been hit by thin content penalty only which is because of less number of content and more ads is also one of the reason adjust your ads too, always make an eye on advertisement please don’t let them to eat your content.

 Even though you are eligible to place more ads in you website keep them in balance, also keep eye on HTML improvements to in order to find the mistakes that happen without your knowledge.

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