Reason to hate Facebook social media internet advertising 2019

Reason to hate Facebook social media internet advertising 2019 | Social media internet marketing was awesome on early 2015, Users entered the social networks like Facebook, twitter after 2013 are huge.

Using that as an advantage the fb / Facebook made many advertising / sponsored post very less cost. As a result you can see many sponsored post on Facebook that time, but later it was changed the view on common people. cause many companies used them as an advantages and start spreading fake news.

Even many election result was affected by the Facebook pages, the sponsored pages, there comments are all created and maintained by the IT wing. Each it wings have some people who will post certain things to boost a party, actors, movies or events.

And the opposite team it wings will post negative about them these are the digital marketing techniques nowadays. The page creators after tons of likes from the pages will sell the Facebook pages for money to the IT wing peoples they anonymously buy the pages and start spreading news on basis of the projects. As said earlier these kind of social internet advertising scam came more after 2015 elections.

So as a result the trust from the social internet advertising started to reduce in 2019, as per popular website mentioned CTR click through rate of the social ads started to reduce due to untrustworthy.

So what about the ads from the business side, how can clients will visit your business if they see ads on such scam social medias? you can see the cost of ads are reduced much in social medias these is due to untrustworthy only. so the search engine ads still the king of internet advertising for now also, in the earlier time every one though that the social ads will take over the search engine AdWords ads / google ads but what happen is due to unworthy people started using the search ads and display ads then the social ads.

reasons to hate facebook

So nowadays the business owners are just posting ads in both social and search engines but they are making the campaign cost of social ads much less due to less conversion. If this situation continuous the social ads will be vanished very soon from the internet space.

Again the social media networks making mistake in the name of policy update they just not allowing the other website to post their URL which making the website owner so angry, even they have invested a lot in the website advertisement due to certain stupid policy violations from the Facebook side your website address cannot be pasted on any part of fb.

Even we have tried by twisting URL, using IP address nothing worked. Even contacting the Facebook support team multiple times they have not responded then your money will be in FB pocket.

So consider these kind of issues before promoting website in internet marketing.

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