Google’s play store became more secure now 2019 more apps in trouble

Google’s play store became more secure now 2019 more apps in trouble | The most largest app store in android market google’s play store now tuning much more in their database which removes tons of apps that are annoying, abusing users, data theft etc,.
In olden days it is easy to submit app to the google’s developers console with a normal web view app can be posted on google’s play store. Many people started apps with web view and ads they generated much earnings.

Later the policy update catch those developers with duplicate web view that is any one can create a web view app for other website that is not own by them.

Now last year report of popular statics company mentioned that nearly 57% of apps has been rejected from the review of play store. In initial stage while you became a signed up as a developer you have to pay sum of nearly 15$ as a developer fees then you have to submit your apps by entering all valid information about your apps then you will need to upload app in APK format with digitally signed after the approval your app will be available in play store.

No much restrictions on early 2013 even many useless apps like torch, lizard detector etc,. available which made many users data waste by downloading them.

Another method is gambling and MNM method those apps will say if you add some one your point / money will increase in your wallet. After long time the google’s play store was so strict as apple app store which usually makes 3 level of app review before appearing in their app store.

play store
play store

And nearly 66% of old apps has been suspended from the database that does not covered latest policy of play store. So keep update with email subscription of play store developers and keep your app policy up to date.

Even you cannot earn with those APK if it was kicked out, cause the Ad Mob is perfectly based on policy of google.

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