Google’s New Webmaster console Beta 2018 to launched soon

Check out the New google’s webmaster console beta 2018 which is going to launched soon and replace the old webmaster console analytics, the search giant google recently updated their analytics and google adsense into a new look.

Initially google’s adsense and adwords first updated to a new look in 2016 after getting feedback and solving many errors they bring them to live until that they have kept the old version option, after considerable users feel that new version is best than the old they changed the new version of adsense and adwords live which technique is later followed by many popular website companies.

After adwords and adsense¬†google’s¬†analytics changed their look common among them is all the theme will look as same but with different colors for adwords green, adsense dark blue, analytics yellow and for webmaster light blue. for more than one year after many solving many issues analytics new theme went live.

Now its time for google webmaster, its new beta version is now available for selected users you may check them in mail or in the message area of the old console, this theme looks similar to adsense and adwords, currently this webmasters has status as home page which shows last three months analytics of your website with chart diagram on opening report it showing the keywords, popular pages CTR and more.

Next to that you have index coverage which shows how many pages are indexed and which pages have errors on indexing, last one is Enhancements which shows how many rich content are been indexed in your website and how many of them are valid. Other options in this new webmaster console are sitemaps you all know well about sitemaps and if your website is not indexed well in search engines as expected you need a sitemap another reason is if your website is too large and content will be updated daily. This is what the new console has yes you are right many options like html improvements, links to your website, fetch as google are missing the answer from google is they are not fully migrated the updating process is going on you can expect that soon but not all you may lose some of the option in new update if google thinks that the option is useless. You may also like our previous article eye on html improvements.

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