Google adsense will always kill small website publishers 2019

Google AdSense will always kill small website publishers 2019 | No doubt adsense is the only good revenue generator for publishers the second next to adsense ad network are provided by yahoo, amazon affiliates, infolinks, propeller ads etc,.

But the gap between the first and second one was huge. Lets start the story between us and the adsense we got approval on the first attempt itself got email about approval and pasted the code everything went fine for one year more than 1500$ generated monthly with considerable traffic but high CTR is an big issue for small publishers.

If you are optimized well you will receive good amount of clicks with less traffic itself. But adsense hate them, even they are not run by humans but by AI, when the AI read such websites with high ctr they wont analyze your site they just ban you without any mercy.

In older days adsense have many workers who will analyze and email you if there is any problem with your site. But now things changed you cannot contact google, the big corporate have no ears you cannot write emails, chats nothing.

But you can contact them for adwords they will answer you for that you cannot have any chance to get your account or transaction details anything back. They will just send you following email “Your Google AdSense account has been disabled” that’s it your small / medium website life is close, your passion towards blogging will also end.

If you have alternatives like affiliates and got good income then you are safe. So don’t trust adsense income much, don’t over optimize this ad network which hates such high ctr from low traffic. In big websites you can see tons of policy violations but due to heavy traffic the google won’t consider them or ban them.

What will happen if you try other new ad networks? Due to issues with their scripts and the adsense which is against other ad networks will make your website rank in 4 – 5 th page without search ranking your website is finished. Also some time they may mark your site as hacked for adding other networks scripts for your revenue see how cruel is this advertising network.

adsense scam

you cannot tell google about the big websites who broke the policy, even the articles like this against google will be removed from their search result. Until big ad network raise adsense arrogance will not change, so small publishers / website owners choose your hosting plans very wisely cause these giants may eat you for Europe fine.

Yes, tons of websites got ban on europe fined google due to advertising issues, these giants like google will ban the websites to tally their losses. So always don’t ever trust only one ad network it will kill your blogging passion. And yes it is a scam, those who say it is legit they are just earning very small amount and less CTR.

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