Add google adsense to my website and maintain good CTR 2019

Add google adsense to my website and maintain good CTR 2019 | Website’s Best safe AdSense CTR to maintain 2019 | Even though many ad networks came online after 2000 still the search giant’s google adsense are in top position and ahead of the second one publishers.

Many advertisers trust this ad networks compared with the others that was the main reasons for the advertisers to set very high cpc for the certain keywords which is nearly 100$. So when in early times there were no ad networks in internet only adsense available, no strict rules to follow even a website is more enough to get more money from google ads.

No CPC restrictions for any countries all countries get same high cpc for traffic but later step by step change occurs only high quality traffic countries get high cpc. Even though your site have million of low Asian countries traffic you will get only less bucks only.

Now here comes the CTR ( click through rate ) many people know what is this ctr the division of impressions and clicks. why it should maintain in 2019 ? particularly for new website, You should maintain your CTR less than 2% above that is always like a knife above your head.

high ctr
high ctr

Many forums says that CTR is not an issue for website and adsense didn’t mention any good or bad ctr but this is true even though your website is good optimized for ads, High click through rate is always a bad one.

If your income is based on adsense ads please don’t take risk on them, reduce the CTR by placing more ads ( with adwords policy caution ) remove the ads from the position that was highly gets accidental clicks.

You may see clicks disappear in the adsense dashboard which is good sign of accidental clicks. Getting accidental clicks will ban you as a partner cause these ban is not take down by the professionals, they are artificial intelligence so always caution. Don’t place ads below images, drop downs and other graphical items which are the cause for high click through rate.

You may see many big websites placed ads below the images and mix the content but due to high traffic they will be ignored but not you. So don’t look others website and place ads just follow the rules until you grow is good for you.

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