Free SSL certificate setup for websites and SEO rankings Impact

Free SSL certificate setup for websites and SEO rankings Effect over that | After SSL became an important ranking factor from the search engines majority of the website developers and owners were upgraded their websites to secure connection.

Just like the search engines said before the website with no lock symbol or proper SSL certificate was pushed to 2-3 page which pages was not considered by majority of searchers. Website owners who have no knowledge about SSL asked their developers to upgrade the site to secure connection so they suggested high cost certificates for their websites.

These high cost certificates have some impact in search engines but not much the search engines just want the secured certificate, even though they are cheap they are considered and gave better rankings.

free ssl
free ssl

So what about the websites with no or less income or non profit organizations they need a certificate at less or no cost. Because such non profit organizations like charity websites will not look good because the modern browsers like google chrome, Firefox will show not secure in top of the address bar, considering that users may not like to donate such sites. So in our point of view we suggest free secure certificates for those less income and non profit websites. Free certificates are provided by lets encrypt and cloud flare (which we have tried with our site), Lets encrypt is available in Cpanel of your website if you are using Linux web hosting.

But this lets encrypt support for only 3 months after that you have to update your certificate, if you consider this method remember the renewal date try to update the certificate before the renewal.

In cloud flare it is some what easier than other SSL methods, Just apply shared method in Crypto and your site is secured for life time. And this certificate is not as powerful as other costly certificates.

If you have trouble in adding free SSL contact us via our email address which is available in contact page. If your domain has any copyright names like microsoft, google etc,. then the cloudflare certificate will not work.

If your website have some income just buy certificates which cost around 100$ to 400$ yearly which is a worth investment because the visitors now understand about the importance of secured sites and they feel non secure sites may steal the information.

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