Is online Forex trading forum trustworthy or not in 2019?

Is online Forex trading forum trustworthy or not in 2019? After Forex became available to the online retailers common peoples maximum of people started to invest in the giant FX market.

What happen then maximum of retail traders loss their money in the market, it is clearly explained in our previous articles peoples who not having any back up plan or trading plan will always fail in the market, it is the number one rule no change in it.

So other thing is people started to trust the third party indicators and forums to make the trade, they actually making the trading call on basis of those third party indicators and the forums where all people commenting. Other kind of people is just buying the third party expert advisors and just run them on their machine and stay away from the trading screen.

What happen is based on the live reactions of the market the expert advisor and indicators will make the call for itself and will take take profit and stop loss based on the settings.

Actually these advisor are based on market actions so they are based on technical only, you should know this the market will not relay on the technical indicators there are other two powerful analysis which are news, sentimental and fundamental analysis, you have to keep eye on them too or you cannot earn more or just wash out the account.

online forex forum
online forex forum

In the popular trading forum they are completely different first of all don’t trust the forum that are run by your own broker, even your broker may post fake trading call and it is not worthy.

Other kind of people in the forums are they are just trading in demo account where you should not follow them they may get absence after a wrong call.

So don’t make high call based on the third party forums who are also posting fake news from their websites too, these news are just click-bait to attract visitors only if you made a trade on such fake news then margin call is waiting for you.

That means is the forums are trustworthy? no just keep the ideas from the popular peoples comments in your mind and just trade based on your mind + back up plan even if your trade went wrong direction and control your emotion if it went worst as hell.

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