Select top best online Forex brokers | currency converter exchange 2019

Select top best online Forex brokers | currency converter exchange rate 2019: selecting the best Forex broker is based on traders mindset only each Forex traders will have different mindset on trading so one trader’s favorite Forex broker is not good for the others.

So check the best online Forex traders based on your needs not on others comments regarding the brokers. First check the deposit and pay out option / check out / withdraw option cause many brokers will give flexible deposit option but more complex withdraw option double check them before go with the broker.

For example some brokers will give flexible deposit option over the credit or debit card but while withdrawing the amount the same card can only be used as a refund of deposit for 6+ months. So consider the card date before deposit with your card.

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Now also check all the deposit options from your Forex is available on withdraw too. Some may allow the skrill, netteller for deposit only, you have to choose bank account for with drawl and that account must match the name of your trading account.

Now spreads and commission play important role, check whether your Forex broker support both spreads as their fees and commission as your fees. Some fx broker only ask spreads others ask commission choose the suitable broker for you try our earlier article regarding the two payment methods which may help you deep in this.

Now try their trading platform maximum of Forex traders will provide the demo account for free and less signup details. Test their speed and execution time for example some trades may not close on time even if it was profitable or loss one with in fraction of seconds some traders are making tons of money so try with demo account.

And also you can check the execution time via live account with a limited minimum deposit. Check the spreads and commissions from the Forex brokers side both in the demo account and the live account cause some brokers shows some huge variation in the live account and landing you in trouble.

Check whether they have all educational references, convertors and live feeds etc,. Customer support is very important so try to chat with the support and sales team with them you can understand the standard of them.

Make sure that the withdraw happen in maximum one day don’t go for the broker if they are taking too much time for withdraw. Make sure the withdraw fees is less, with in 2-3% is good fees for withdraw due to some banking limitations.

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