Eclipse fever that make hiking up prices for everything 2017 august

Eclipse fever that make hiking up prices for everything 2017 august Homeowners and businesses alike are cashing in on next Monday’s highly anticipated eclipse, hiking up prices on everything from flights to hotels to rental cars. Today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen reports from a backyard for rent in lyman, south carolina.

The eclipse path there’s big money to be made. It’s getting so crazy people are renting out their back yards. For example, this backyard in south carolina is for rent because hotels are sold out, families need a place to stay. Can you rent this out for $320. They will even throw in this tent for two people. He hope you like the person you’re traveling with.

It’s pretty cosy in there. If camping isn’t your thing, plan to shell out a lot more money. As the sky goes dark on Monday, locals are lighting up. Along the eclipse path raising prices on flights to rental cars to hotels. Demand is high and they are allowed to do it. In Idaho, the room with a queen bed listed at $118 tonight. On Sunday the same room listed for $785. Check out room in greenville, south Carolina. It’s an embassy suites goes for $259 per night now. During the eclipse $799, more than three times the high. Think that’s high. In Nashville my producer found an even bigger spike.

Now try getting there. Flights will cost you more, too. This delta flight from new york to Nashville costing $211 on a regular Sunday. But to get there this sunday ahead of the eclipse, it will cost you almost $1,000. Once you arrive in a total eclipse zone it’s rental car time. In Jackson Wyoming, this SUV would cost $115 per day. But for the eclipse, that same SUV going for more than $1200 for the day. And it’s not just businesses. Even regular home owners are printing money, renting out their houses for big cash on airbnb. There are these homeowners want a big bank account on this. That’s a lot of money.

Why that high? Greenville is a popular place. All the hotels booked up so we decided to give it a shot. Also we didn’t want to pack up our kids and do all that work for a little money. We thought go big, go home. The people who live in this (restraint in Brownsville, Kentucky) three bedroom two bathroom eclipse home are charging $1250 a night advertising private viewing areas. This townhouse in Columbia, Missouri, going for $1500 a night touting fantastic views of the eclipse. But remember, you are inviting strangers in your house. Hope no one trashes the place.

By the way, a lot of people asking me, is this price gouging? The answer is no. Price gouging is illegal and that only happens during an emergency situation, tornado, hurricane. This is free market, capitalism. Speaking of people are making money on special solar eclipse glasses. People buying them, a lot of retailers selling out, can’t find them anymore. There’s a woman in south Carolina who bought these in bulk. It first started for a buck a piece, now selling them to $8 apiece.

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