Good reason Cheap domain registration online 2019

Good reason Cheap domain registration online 2019 | well domain registration for the future use became very common nowadays even normal people are registering domains for future use the development was that level for domain business so many companies are also started to sell domains for cheap.

In the earlier days there was only .com level suffix for the domain names so people start booking that kind of extensions in huge level which resulted some important keywords domains was preoccupied by some one. but later search engines announced that domain name extensions was noting to do with ranking which cause every one to lock the domain names on different extensions. More than 200 of extensions are available nowadays with country name suffix, online, shop etc.

Actually the shop domains and online extension was holy grail for the online and shop business makers. Because their website name and shop extension is the think they need and their customers need. While in the search engine the developers will look for the shop name and with extension of .online or .shop is pretty good for the website’s CTR ( click through rate ).

Similarly tech extensions and news extensions are for the websites with news and technology oriented websites. But there is a big demerits with these kind of cheap registration for example is a good company registered their domain name with .com extensions after their site became famous some people blocking the similar site names and extensions which causing trouble and mislead of customers who think this is the official website.


But search engines like google kicking these kind of similar domain names with no content or thin content or parked nowadays. While to avoid mislead the owners of the business need to block the similar names and different extensions with cheap registration in order to avoid misleads.

Additional info like this are was sold to Facebook for an huge millions amount they thought fb is short form of Facebook the powerful social network and this incident also boosted the resellers to buy more names based on current, future events, tech and company names.

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