Domain age authority vs new website on Search Rankings 2019

Domain age authority vs new website on Search Rankings 2019 | Long back you may receive a phone call or email regarding domain sale featuring the age of the website domain.

Even many people still believe that the age is a factor for good ranking after testing we have found a shocking result regarding this domain age and authority impact in rankings.

In early days just like the marketing persons says when you check the domain authority of the top 10 results in high traffic keywords you may see the high aged site result first. This is the reasons why many of the website owners bought site with high age.

But there is a major draw back over this because those domains may be a spammed one and the previous owner sell that in listings website for high cost featuring the age.

When you bought these kind of spammed domains your website will not rank in search engines. Another serious case is if that aged site is full spammed then even your URL was pasted in search engines it wont show on results.

domain age

You will only get information regarding that when you login your google webmasters in manual actions section you may see the information regarding this.

While testing with this scenario we found that the content is still major ranking signal than anything, first the less content and domain authority may rank well for the keyword but later after some days you may see the difference in ranking.

This is because search engines taught that the content people need is available in high authority site but after CTR and the average time on pages increases even the new domain with good content will automatically rank well.

So never trust these old resellers nowadays concentrate on good catchy site names and content only.

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